[In Development] Just Flight - Black Square - Velocity XL

Apologies if this has already been posted!

I am really looking forward to this. I have the plane in X-Plane and it is a joy, quite an interesting plane. I am sure Just Flight will capture its quirks and style.

This version looks more modern and it seems nicely priced.


Looks a bit like the IndiaFoxtEcho Long EZ.

Yes quite similar with the cannard body. However this is a lot more powerful, modern avionics and a joy to fly (Well the X-Plane version is) I flew it a lot. It has quite a quirky landing characteristic.

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Ooh, this is a plane I’ve been interested in since it first came out. Excellent. Not a lot of planes out there in development I’m interested in (which is a good thing. I have too many planes to fly as it is. It’s way too easy to hoard planes in the sim! :laughing:). This is one I am.

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Well Just Flight are the publisher and Black Square the dev. Only thing I can find about Black Square is they did the Real Taxiways product Just Flight are also selling. You can download the manual on the product page and it has a bit of an about section about the dev:

Black Square aircraft are created by an avid pilot who believes that every switch, knob, and
button should be interactable, and the user should be able to follow real world procedures
without compromising results from the simulation. This aircraft was designed and tested using
real world handbooks and procedures, and leaves little to the imagination in terms of
functionality. For the most immersive experience, it’s recommended that you seek out manuals,
handbooks, checklists, and performance charts from the real aircraft represented in this
simulation. Although this aircraft and simulation is not suitable for real world training, and
should not be used for such, every effort has been taken to ensure that the simulation will
represent the real aircraft until the fringe cases of instrument flying.

Anyway, this looks like an interesting plane. I like those gull-wing doors! Ain’t a big fan of the big glass displays though but devs can’t please everyone when it comes to glass or steam. I’ll keep an eye on this and see how it turns out.

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Well if the manual is anything to go by then this should be an absolute stunner all round


I have always wondered if WT or some other dev could mod in Digital Steam gauges, like Mercedes / BMW do with their cars. So it’s all digital but it is essentially a digital steam gauge, in a classic layout of course within the constraints of the Display. It may not be perfect but it would be a good compromise?

I think Steam gauges are really on their last legs now. A lot of planes are being retro fitted now with glass.

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Available now from Just Flight. £19.99

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Interesting. Is it possible to switch the MFD on the co-pilot’s seat into PFD? I prefer to fly from the right seat.

It also really needs to add those engine gauges into the G3X PFD, like FSReborn did with Sting.

According to the description page it uses a customised version of the default Extra 300L soundpack. The Extra 300L has a Lycoming O-540 flat six which is quite similar to the Continental IO-550 that the Velocity XL uses so not too bad I guess, and it’s properly Wwise with positional sound at least!

The Velocity XL features a MSFS-native (Wwise) 3D sound package taking full advantage of the new capabilities. Based on the default MSFS Extra 330, the Velocity XL’s sound set includes added sounds and custom code to create a fully featured soundscape inside and out to give the feel of the real aircraft’s power and construction.

Rich audio for every switch, button, lever and electrical system
Detailed physics-based effects on engine and wind noise
Accurately positioned 3D sound sources (best enjoyed in VR!)
Crash and scraping effects for composite airframe
Authentic retractable gear sounds and whistle

Anyway I’m kinda interested in this bird but will wait for some other people’s reviews and impressions first.

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Ok well I bought it and I quote like it. It’s pretty awesome actually.

Nice cockpit with the PMS GT750 installed, but the g3 is well the g3.

It is however very twitchy on the pitch, it’s very hard to get it stable, but none the less not a master piece, but not terrible at all.

Some nice things modled like the door sills etc. You can’t complain it does what it does and is fast. I like the plane, I am happy. I think any flight model issues are the SIM and will improve with the SIM.


Just purchased… Very fast and fun touring plane with a little acrobatic capability. I haven’t had any crashes or noticeable bugs so far. While trim is sensitive, as mentioned before, it’s handleable. The Interior lighting is pretty satisfying. A big hit for me is a good active suspension which this thing shines in(very fun bush landings). One minor thing I could criticize would be the window tinting is very dark, fine during the day but twilight and nighttime is a challenge even tweaking display settings. All in all I am very happy having bought it and plan to use it frequently.


I’m a happy simmer today, glad the anti-stall stuff is modeled correctly.

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Bought this last night. Pretty good indeed. Has a good range of speed and you can land it OK on quite short runways if careful.

I’ll third the point about sensitive pitch and trim but it’s not too bad once you get used to it.

Other than this it seems very stable. Maybe too stable, I don’t know, but where other planes with high fidelity flight models are always jigging about a bit even with low wind conditions, this feels rock steady and comes out of turns totally smoothly with no oscillations.

I had a problem with FSRealistic running - does some weird things so I switched the profile off for this plane, which makes it pretty quiet from in the cockpit.

Also the rumble on my controller had to be turned down to below 8% in order for it not to constantly rumble even when not moving or in the air. Had similar problem with the Gee Bee Special which Got Gravel fixed for me somehow, so maybe it’s similar calibration range problem here.

Fairly restricted view from in the cockpit. Big fat A-pillars and quite a letterbox front windscreen. But the looks of the plane are great and it’s good to add another unique styled plane to the collection (similar to Long EZ, I know).


I took the plunge, but sad to say I’m not that impressed.
I have the LongEz, so have some idea of the flight characteristics of a canard from a decent developer, as a benchmark. The LongEz is much better to fly than this, atm at least.

. Model is nice
. Nice liveries
. Good manual

. Flight model is not very stable. As mentioned by others, pitch in particular is very twitchy. LongEz also exhibits pitch up on power you need to control, but the Velocity is more rubber banding and not pleasant to control. Trim helps to some extent, but you really end up overamping trim it to control it.
. On landing, canards exhibit glider float and you can really see this in the LongEz. The Velocity, by comparison, seems about to do that, and then literally drops onto the runway at the slightest hint of flaring when you want to gently control it. Thump! Bounce! It’s literally like an on/off switch, whereas the LongEz has a transition zone you can work the float in.
. Also, as mentioned above, it does not play nice with FSRealistic 2. Wind sound is terrible, need to deactivate, and you also need to deactivate Overspeed for some some reason, as it is triggered in the cockpit when the engine is off.
. Instrument wise, it would be better with the G1000 so you have the engine instruments in a more usable position on the flight display , rather than way over on the right hand side. You need them as prop control for RPM is essential, and it’s hard to see from the lh seat. Maybe the G3X is true to life, but it’s not a good cockpit scan, and awkward switching camera views to see essential info.

Atm I’d give it a 6/10. Hope they put some more work into it.


Developers can put the engine instruments on the PFD on G3X, the Sting has them on them, as does apparently the RV-14. Them being only on the right hand side of the MFD by default is why I never bothered to fly the VL-3 much.

(In real life their actual placement seems to vary, but usually they seem to be either on right hand side of PFD or left hand side of MFD)

Also if you are going to develop a canard at least take note that the elevator moves down when you pull back on the stick unlike a conventional aircraft. Please fix this.

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Yup whole heartedly agree with this, and after a few more flights I have hanagered it until it is fixed. Remember people in this case Just Flight are just the publisher, so dont bash them, they make outstanding products, but I wonder what their thinking was on this one QA wise?

The trim is a joke. If you have all the assists off which I do, its almost impossible to keep trimmed. I have 2 sets of flying hardware a Yoke, and the full TCA Airbus Kit (I dont have any pedals at all) I tend to fly planes that have a yoke with the yoke and planes with sticks with the TCA Hardware and trimming this bird on both is joke, it is just up and down, up and down.

Also even with a little wind a plane in trim won’t be jumping up and down like a yoyo.

100% Agree the LongEz has a far better flight model.

I have the Plane in XP-11 and it is pure Joy to fly, I dont know what happened with this one.

Yes it is the Twin engine version, but still canard, and no where near as twitchy.

Just Flight is not the developer on this one; that’s one of the reasons I took a “wait and see” with this model.

Hopefully glitches get fixed in a timely manner.

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They’re the publisher, and they decided it was good to go.
As such, they have responsibility for the state it’s in, for whatever reason, so they own it.

Publishers traditionally have their own QA standards that must be met for releases, but maybe that’s not a thing in the flightsim industry.