[In Development] Just Flight - Black Square - Velocity XL

We are currently working with the developer of the Velocity XL on getting an update released to fix any bugs that have been reported post-release. The developer is aiming for the first update to be released within the next week or two, and that will also include a reworked flight model based on customer feedback.

Mark - Just Flight


Instrument-wise, it would be better with the G1000 so you have the engine instruments in a more usable position on the flight display, rather than way over on the right-hand side.

You can get the engine instrumentation on the PFD by pulling the “R G3X” breaker to put the PFD in reversionary mode.

Mark - Just Flight

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My personal opinion; Just Flight should go easy on publishing aircraft one after the next, specially one they have not developed themselves. They come up with amazing products like Bae 146 and the Arrows, which I imagine sell rather well. I think they should take building and keeping that reputation seriously. This aircraft for example, seems to fall rather short meeting the same standards of the aircraft I mentioned.

Of course it is their company and their decisions at the end of the day.

Up and coming devs need a chance. Any Sensible person can see clearly this is not an in house product, I dont write off a supermarket because I bought bad corn flakes there, unless it is their own brand then I just dont buy them any more.

The Plane is actually really good, but the Trim is a huge issue, that’s it really IMHO, everything else is ok and for the price once the Trim/Flight Model tweaks and issues are fixed it will be a great plane.

I applaud Just Flight for taking a punt and there is nothing to say this plane wont expand. Far better than just releasing on the in-sim marketplace and leaving it to crash and burn like a lot of devs have done.


Update to v0.1.1 is out. Sound like pretty deep changes! Wonder why they didn’t revamp the FM before release hehe


  • TDS GTNxi 750 integration (PMS GTN 750 still available)

  • Canard elevator animation fixed.

  • Flight model completely revamped:

  • Trim sensitivity drastically improved. (T/O indication added)

  • Stall is more gentle on landing. (forward wing does not fully stall until 60kts at max gross, 50kts at moderate loading)

  • CG envelope improved.

  • Aerodynamic stability is reduced. (feels more realistic in wind and turbulence)

  • Autopilot will no longer enter oscillations at high speed and aft CG.

  • Landing gear drag moment adjusted.

  • Glowing tailpipe visuals adjusted.

  • Door open sound attenuation fixed.

  • Engine idle speed slightly increased. (Note: Engine can still stall after starting without increasing throttle, this is an MSFS problem with high-performance engines, also seen in the Extra 330)

  • Electrical system overhauled with new tools:

  • Alternator curves adjusted. (battery will charge above 800 RPM with moderate loads)
  • Battery curves adjusted. (fully charged battery will be above 24V)
  • Circuit loads are slightly reduced.
  • G3X now reads the correct bus voltage for “BATT VOLTS”.
  • Manual updated:
  • Instructions on TDS GTNxi integration.
  • Instrument marking values added to checklists by request.

Very nice update so far regarding the flight model. Haven’t gone to far into the rest of the changes but so far so good. I’ve got 15 hours on the hobbs meter and i’m really digging this plane. Hoping the Velocity can get more hype and the attention it deserves.

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Anyone else missing the engine sounds? Can’t seem to figure out why this is happening?
I thought it was maybe a bug with the initial version but even with the updated version the problem persists?
I am curious if this plane uses sounds from a default Asobo aircraft? I say this as I have gone through and removed some of the default planes which I simply do not use. Could this be the issue?
Many thanks

As noted above, it’s based on the Extra 300 soundset with some updates.

I don’t own the plane, so I can’t check the sound.xml file to see if the Extra files are necessary, but, it would seem not since they said they modified the WWyse stuff, which says to me they would likely have had to recompile the sounds, but, it’s possible.

In the meantime, I’d check the sound.xml to see if it references anything from the Extra…
or… Add the Extra back in and see if it fixes it.

Excellent, thanks for that. I will go check it out.

Yep that did the trick! Works perfectly now!

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sound.xml is actually not in the package at all. I wanted to make some adjustments like with some other wwise aircraft, but no bueno.

xbox controller wont stop rumbling. any ideas?

I´m about to try it out, but I´m on PC though

im also on PC, im just too broke to get anything better that the xbox controller. plane flies fine as far as I can tell, but the controller wont stop rumbling when the engine is on. I think I may be doing something wrong but havent found it. only stops for a second or two, but cant figure out why.

Ahhh ok! I´m using Logitech Yoke will report back after my first flight.

The interior is pretty sweet.

I´ll try with my xbox controller and see if that happens.

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Same here! pretty weird. Continuous rumbling as well. Sometimes it stop but after a few seconds starts all over again.

But very interesting Aircraft, seems pretty fun and easy to fly.

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thanks for trying that out! sounds exactly like what happens to me. seems like a silly bug to me then. what do you think?
hope the developer can fix it.

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Yeah, tried everything and still rumbling like crazy. Had to turn off was driving me crazy here.
Maybe others will try and maybe they can share their opinion.

But yeah they just launched it, we should expect a lot of bugs haha

Other than that seems like a very unique plane.

Is the real version of this aircraft from the same maker as the Velocity V-Twin that Aerobask modelled for XP11?

That was one of my favourite GA aircraft to fly.