In-flight refueling idea

So I was wondering if anyone thought of making a mode where you could place an air to air refueling tanker on a loop, wherever you want, so that you could pretend to do a long ferry trip with an appropriate plane. It would be fun if the tanker was something like a KC-10 with a boom extended and you could line up with it and then just add fuel and go on your way.

I see that a German guy made a mod that appears to put a plane on certain stations, but it would be cool if it was more flexible allowing you to put it anywhere, and if it had the boom. Anyone seen anything like that?

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Aero Dynamics is developing an KC-10 freighter with inflight fueling operations, they are also making a passenger DC-10-10/30.

I’m aware of that one but my understanding is that it’s a highly realistic plane to fly, I’m looking for a dumb tanker plane to fly up to and refuel my fighter jet.

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