In-flight tip keeps complaining I'm over 87 knots

Well of course I’m over 87 knots!

When would you like me to arrive? Next New Years??

Pedal to the metal. No regrets. No history. All out or go out!

So what is it whining about?

It depends on what you’re flying. If you’re in a “low and slow,” then you may be exceeding the airframe’s limit. I’m guessing you don’t have stress failures turned on, or you’d probably have fallen out of the sky by now. If you don’t want it to complain anymore, just turn off the different tips in the Assists section under Options.

I think the original poster has a point. I get this warning when I’m at the low end of an aircraft’s rated cruising speed. It seems to pop up during the initial climb after takeoff, or during early stages of the cruise. Maybe the simulator thinks I’m trying to land and need to slow down?

Good question. I fly without any tips turned on, so I never see them.

I get this error in the Cessna. Constantly telling me not to exceed 74 knots during the initial climb even though I’ve leveled out and cruising at 110. Doesn’t happen every time, but when it starts it doesn’t go away.

You’re missing all the fun then!