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I would appreciate your assistance regarding the in game planning/navigating tool. I am beginner in MSFS, so please understand my strange question. For expert colleagues it may sound ridiculous, but when I make my flight plan I get a straight route, and always have trouble with properly prepare myself in advance for landing (I would expect the landing route take in to account the curve you have made to descend slowly and prepare for touch down), basically with descending approach as the route does not show details regarding the final approach. How can I plan this route ahead? My question is which flight planner for MSFS 2020 that I can use in VR mode would take into account and “draw” the landing route, with possibly necessary data (recommended speed, altitude …). Thank you for your help.

the flightplanner, first you choose start and end.
then, when i just click anywhere you have a choice to add a waypoint.
also you can have the worldmap display additional waypoints you usually fly to and are
lined up with the runways.
i am not into vr, i assume it works the same there.
its takes a bit of figuring out but is very doable.
the other way might be using other software to make flightplans and improt them(lilnavmap)
so for a good landing approach choose one of the approachpoints that lay in the direction of the landing.
you know it is harder to xplain than do…

good luck

Thank you so much, will jump into it and try all the suggestions. Might consider also the software you have suggested, just wanted to clear the substance first, primarily how to determine the “proper” landing routes each time. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Another good planner is Simbrief.

In the default MSFS flight planner, if you create an IFR flight plan, you can assign the Arrival Pattern and the Approach as well. Selecting this will give you the proper flight path to get you in line to the runway that you choose.

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Did not know about it. Learning, learning :slight_smile: Thank you

So in IFR the others have described how you can plan your final approach course. In VFR, there are two basic approach principles based upon whether you are approaching a towered or un-towered field.

If approaching a towered field, you should make contact with the tower and the tower controller will advise you of your required approach path. They may say " Fly left base, runway 10" in which case you will need to work out how to put yourself in that position and join the left base of the airfields standard left circuit pattern.

There are standard procedures for approaching an un-towered airfield which varies slightly on country and individual airfield, but usually it involves joining the standard circuit pattern by first overflying the airfield at say 2000ft and descending to join the upwind leg at the correct circuit height and then flying the basic airfield circuit of crosswind, downwind, base and final whilst making radio calls to alert local air and ground traffic as you enter each circuit leg.

May i recommend the great FSA lessons addons

Great explanation. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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