In-Game Livery Editor

Not my idea but someone posted in General chat about liveries and I think it’d be great to have a Forza style in-game livery editor for mere mortals to use.

Hi, please can you add a livery creator the game on Xbox and PC because the community would benefit in my opinion because the community can express their self by their custom liveries that they have made. Microsoft did develop Forza with a livery creator so please can you add this to the sim.
Thank you

(Disclaimer: I haven’t bought the game yet because I am waiting for the Xbox version)


Why can’t we have something like the livery editor they have in FORZA games, would make it far more accessible for the not so knowledgeable simmers.


This would be an amazing addition!

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I like this idea. DCS has long used basically the same methods for making liveries or “skins” as some call them. It is a tedious process that requires a lot of adjustments and editing to get them to a point where the look right. Even a good third party application would be welcomed by all.

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Jeeze that’s creepy! I was just thinking of exactly this and this post popped up! :joy:
Yes please!

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Same, Love the Livery system in Forza, Still Shocked that NOBODY else uses it in 2020. DCS, iRacing, Flight Sim…all stupid flattened out texture gore like it’s 1997.

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The way it’s done in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 is really nice, too. You can pick a pattern, then put your own colors. Plus you have a bunch of spots to save your color palettes individually or as sets.

I think this would really open up customization, even for (future) XBox pilots. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat: :truck:

Thanks for putting this up in the correct place. I posted I the wrong place and it was closed by the moderator.

As advanced as the game is, it would be nice to have the ability to create my own color scheme for all the airplanes I fly from within the game using a color wheel.
Choose plane
Choose the part to change color/add text/add a graphic
Add my own persistent tail number per livery/plane

Airplane color, graphic and text customization pure and simple, from inside the game with a easy user interface.

Thanks for reading my wish


I had the same idea come to me this morning, but I just posted in the wrong section.

This was why I also think it would be a good idea.

Given there’s a lot of liveries for airliners, GA aircraft are normally more “customised”.

Adding an ingame livery painter would be ideal. Well it could be used for all aircraft even airliners. Kind of like what Assetto Corsa Competizione has.

No need to download livery files cause everything is implemented within the game but each aircraft would have a set of templates/patterns to choose from etc. and you are able to choose main/colour, detail colour etc depending on the patterns and so on.

would be a good addition for those that would like to spice up their aircraft without the need of downloading extra liveries and also having people online able to see that livery without requiring any downloads.

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A Livery editor is badly needed. Just like in racing games. Or simply open it up and make it easier for developers to change the colors of registration numbers, style, and size of the registration. Color of the liveries, please!

There should be a user friendly “paint shop” to create personalized liveries. There are a few outside sources, but most require photoshop and a knowledge and skill in painting pixel by pixel in 2D and then understanding how to export it and it still work.

Having a user friendly design where things could be painted directly onto the fuselage would be an amazing feature to create a more personalized feel. You could also allow images to be imported as well (may need AI coding or manual review process to ensure nothing obscene is uploaded).

I would bet you could charge a small fee ($5-$10) per usage of the “paint shop” and people would still use it.

Apart from the ‘Pay to Play’ element, this is such a Great Idea.
i was thinking of having a go at making a Livery but trying to make sense of the process taxed this Bear of Little Brain’s noggin. Hopefully a Talented 3 rd Party Dev will take the Hint and give us the means to make Liveries easily.

The only reason I did a small “pay to play” element was to cover the review process costs. Or they could have it where you could do it for free but its only available in “OFF” multiplayer mode. If you pay the $5 review fee then it can load into the network in Live and All Player multiplayer mode. That or they will need some kind of reporting process for when some stupid 12 year old kid thinks its funny to put some obscene wording or image on his 747.

an user friendly interface for editing sceneries and creating liveries is what we need so bad. Long short we need a better SDK program like now…

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Needs to be some talking with a co-Xbox Game Studio known for their liveries. Could you imagine the best of the Forza community let loose on Flight Sim?

Unfortunately this idea would require complete remodelling of the aircrafts. Texturing method chosen in the MSFS is very different from what it used to be. Current models are not done with custom liveries in mind so to repaint them and keep high quality you need a direct access to the gItf model and use fairly complicated texturing software such as Substance Painter or Quixel Mixer.

God the Forza paint system is so good, and they still are the only ANYTHING with something like it.

It can be done already, but with 3rd party products such as Photoshop or Gimp and an nvidia uploader. There is a YouTube video out there by vLegion_ showing you how. That guy even has a template for the A320 that you can use for yourself.

But you do have to have some pretty high levels of design skills to do it.

To me I don’t see why it would be a stretch to build this into MSFS with proper coding.

The photoshop method just sucks with MSFS new models. You will never get clean results unless you paint on the model itself. That is the reason why most of the liveries in the megapacks are pathetic at best.

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