In game panel - VR - vatsim,little navmap,notebook

I use vatsim/ivavo, little navmap, SimBrief and a notebook when i play online without VR.

I want to play this in VR have problems finding a good solution for this in vr.
How do i get this inside the sim with VR:?

  • Little navmap (not just the map but the whole thing and can use it in VR)
  • notebook to write instruction on
  • vatsim/IVAO
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I use OVR Toolkit but it needs SteamVR to work so depends if your headset supports SteamVR.

Yes i have reverb g2 and i have steamVR, but not the steam msfs2020 version. Is it a fps killer?

I purchased this and use it regularly. - Ingamepanels Pack for MSFS - FlightSim.Com Store

I think the quality is quite high and the developer has been regularly posting updates that are free.

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I have the store version and I am not seeing any performance difference between me using my G2 with SteamVR or WMR but the advantage of using the SteamVR tools is a win for me,

Worth every penny!!

I bought a navigraph subscription and they have an in game panel for their charts that shows up in the top toolbar and works well in vr. Also has simbrief integration but I haven’t tried that yet as I’m really just learning real flight planning.

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I also have that, but the combo with little navmap, vatsim/IVAO is What i want and looking for.

Can’t you switch to the desktop using your VR controller?

Never used WMR so no idea how it works - but with both SteamVR and Oculus you can press the system button appear in VR and then select to view the desktop - from there you can access programs such as Little Nav Map. You’d need to be on the ground or have an autopilot engaged while you were doing it, goes without saying, I think.

You could use the same for notes - though using the VR keyboard can be cumbersome and slow - but I’m pretty sure SimEFB has a notepad for VR use, iirc, which is another option - as well as all the other benefits of that app.

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I just got done with the [Foot] World Tour Stage 105 - Gibraltar group flight with my G2 using SteamVR.

In the VR cockpit I had Discord, Little Nav Map, My Desktop and my Windows sound mixer.

The flight was 173 minutes and the average FPS measured by fpsVR was 27.2.

This is on a i7 9700K @4.6 with a RTX 2080Ti and did not remember any stutters.

I want better performance but that was a great experence in VR. :grinning:

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Can you tell me how you get the tool to work in the sim. You have to be in steam snd go from there with the tool open? Did not get it in the sim?
Thx for help.

To get the G2 to use SteamVR you need to get “Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR” from Steam that is free.

Then you will also need “OVR Toolkit” from Steam that is $12.00.

Using OVR Toolkit you can bring in any desktop window or the whole desktop into the VR space. They have a Discord that I have found very helpful if you have any issues.

So I first start up my G2 headset Mixed Reality Portal , SteamVR and OVR Toolkit start.

I then tell OVR Toolkit to open any windows I want in my VR space.

After that I tell MSFS to go into VR which I do by using a Voice Attack command “VR Mode” so I then am in MSFS VR.

Thx. Have all that.
Open steam and the tool. When you open then tool in SteamVR how so you get the tool in msfs. When i do open it from steamVR it will not dollow me inside msfs.

It might be a good idea to watch the “OVR Toolkit - Getting Started Guide” on YouTube to help you understand how this works.

OVR Toolkit should be attached to your left wrist and I can open windows with that. The windows can be placed wherever you want and will stay there relative to your headset. So if I place a window to the right side of my headset it will stay there and not move.

So if I go into MSFS VR that window will also be on the right side of my headset,

It will take some time to fully understand the power of the tool and all the features it brings to the VR table.

Thx. I try it again. This time a bit harder. :wink:

Did get it to work, but had some problem with the mouse that was lagging on the little navmap. Not that happy yet, but will try it more out.

Anyone tried this?

Hi, I also tried this and every time I try to launch MSFS Steam VR tells me it has to launch inside an environment, which looks like a theatre and when I try to enable MSFS VR both MSFS and Steam VR crash to desktop.

I’m using the WMR for Steam [Beta]. Is this ths cause ? MS Advises this is required for the G2, but perhaps this has changed ?

I’ve been trying to get Little NavMap and my Android Avplan EFB software to display in MSFS since the release and so far have not found a combination that works reliably. OVR works just fine with another Sim.



I have the MS store version of MSFS and am now using a Vive Pro 2.

When I was using the G2 I would start SteamVR which would also start the Mixed Reality Portal. Because SteamVR started then OVR Toolkit and fpsVR would also start.

So after making sure my VR was working then I would start MSFS from a desktop shortcut and once fully into the cockpit tell it to go into VR. At that point my OVR Tooklit windows would be available using the G2 controllers.

A small downside is you cannot tell the G2 controllers to not go to sleep like I can with my Index controllers. That is one of the many reasons I have moved on to my VP2.

Hope this helps you get your G2 working on SteamVR. Another issue I did see since SU5 is many many many dropped frames using the G2 with SteamVR. I found it common to drop 10000 frames in a 1 hour session while having a FPS or 45. Made no sense to me but have moved on,

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