Include parking at all airports

Which could likely be scripted, with some rules in place. The same “AI” that was used to generated the airfields in the first place could be tasked with this.

I really hope this can be done at some point as I do a lot of flying from small strips and if this can’t be done then at least having an option to start cold and dark from the runway would be nice.

I kind of noticed this too at some airports & was like “Why is taxiing to parking/gate disabled?”
Thought it was a bug at first. It is kinda annoying though.If your plan was to end the flight at that specific airport. Maybe that could be an alternative.Ending the flight after 45 second of successful landing.

You don’t actually need to taxi to a parking spot to end your flight. If you have landed at one without any parking spots, just taxi off the runway, announce you are clear then find a safe spot to shut down. Just don’t taxi back on to the runway, or even attempt to cross it again or the sim will think you want to take off again.

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oh didn’t know that,I’ll try that next time I land on such an airport. If thats the case, maybe a notification will do " clear the runway & find suitable spot to safely shut down the plane" .

You have to contact “ATC” to say you are clear. Well, I say have to, it just confirms the state of your flight is no “Turn off engine” rather than taxi, taxioff etc.

This is one of the big reasons I wan to see an Airport (and potentially scenery) Gateway system implemented.

The idea would be that end users could modify airports for their own installation but submit those changes to the developers for approval in a future update.

I was on an airport where I couldnt get past the “announce the runway is clear” I shut down the plane then but not sure if flight completed.I did get a new achievement on landing though…Maybe this is a bug.I’ll better put it in the mega bug topic of this patch too

DTTR El Borma doesn’t appear in the Navigraph data, though it’s VOR does. It would have been useful to see what stage of flight you were on. It’s more than likely the sim doesn’t think you are ready to finish the flight. For example, it could think you are ready to take off.

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it gave me a clear to land,I did let AI manage all except from the aircraft during the whole flight.
Maybe if some tasks are handled by AI ,the game doesn’t recognize it as completed?
I did went through the descend phase where I was ordered to follow the marks at 2000ft in a circle ,then runway in sight & clear to land with landing entry pattern.
So I did land & got achievement “Flights of fancy” when I hit the landing track.
Maybe unlocking that achievement messed up the transition somhow?
I think the synergies between gamesystems might cause these kind of issues at times

The phase in flight that most often gets messed up for me is approach & in transition between landing & landed,the contact ground not having options you’d expect.
Maybe the game often doesnt recognize parking options at such smaller unknown airports.Could be a mapping issue.Interface mess up or perhaps bad synergy between game systems.Would be nice if some testers got on it.

I also saw someone mention that,whatever you do,not going on the runway again after you have cleared the runway.But I was thinking about that advise landing here & never went on again,as it was said the game would think you want to take off again.

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Even the smallest strip with no parking spots at all will work, you just need to check that the phase of flight the sim expects you to be in. I cited one example before where this is easily broken, with an airstrip with two runways.

If you have the top menu option open to view the status of flight, you land, taxi off the runway, you should see the menu change to shut down engines. If you happen to be at one of those strips where there are intersecting runways, and you cross one of these, the sim will think you want to take off again. Now it won’t matter if you even find a parking spot, as a shut down won’t trigger the end of flight pop-up, as it expects you to take off.

What the sim thinks you are doing is critical, though it really shouldn’t be.

In case anyone is interested, I tried to log all the various states of a flight a while back.


oh I’ll keep an eye out on the objectives.Must be an objective in the landing phase if this is the issue.Unfortunately I won’t be playing the game anytime soon.Followed a recommendation in the force feedback wishlist topic… in an attempt to force feedback the vibration of my joystick.But it looks like i need to install the whole game again :sob:

That topic for the logbook not updating says “resolved bug” might not be resolved after all then…
I was thinking,maybe because “DTTR El Borma doesn’t appear in the Navigraph data” it is not included in consideration for the logbook or so? Guessing a bit now

No, i just can’t access the sim at the moment, so I used Navigraph Charts to look for it, and could only find its VOR.

Maybe some data concerning this airport is missing then ,causing the logbook issues.
I had the same issue with an airport near Zakynthos a week or 2 ago…Island just North of it called Kefalonia airport I think,but since I won’t be able to get ingame for a while I can’t go check.
But maybe it would be interesting to know if Navigraph chart can find only VOR of Kefalonia airport too or not

If you mean Kafallinia LGKF then it is there. I don’t think your issue was NAV data related, but the phase of flight as shown in Objectives.

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I will check on this /test once I am able to play again.

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First thing I did when being able to play again was fly to DTTR El Borma again.
It had same result as previous time.I think something is wrong with the sequence of objectives. I landed 1 time ,it didn’t recognize it ,during the whole landing attempt there were “no objectives” first try


when I got on the ground I got a big list of options this time.I decided to “go around” & land again.

During the go around the objectives did upgrade during landing phase.

But same result as first land attempt even when going through all the checkboxes ; no option to taxi to parking. But an end flight in objectives

At the parking there was a spot which I thought,if I park there,it might still recognize it & end the flight.

Then I switched on autopilot in the hope that it would position the plane in a way it would end the flight,but it didnt ,the plane just made a turn & I was not sure what it was up to.
Maybe something is wrong in the order of guidelines or so.

Wanted to link this in the “logbook not updating” topic ,but it seems that topic is “resolved” & closed down.Not sure where to report this.

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Even if the logbook pop up doesn’t occur, if you quit to main menu from there it should log your flight.

But depending on where you parked, you may get a “vicinity” log entry. That usually happens if you park at an airport with parking, but are nowhere near that parking. That said, I have had one occasion where it happened even when I was on the parking spot where the marshals were waiting for me.

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Hi, thanks for your input on this discussion. El Borma (DTTR) actually has parking by default and probably isn’t in the scope of the issue about airports without parking.
Please ask the moderator @ScruffyDuckJon to move your post to Sim Update V ( Bug Megathread

FSEconomy users need parking too…