Increase LOD Distance for Higher GPUs


Yes i don’t understand how people set this to 200, and sometimes even tweak it higher through some config file… I got an I7 10700K@5.1, RTX2070, 32gb 3600 and SSD. using 1080 and anything over 100 causing stutters. How do people set 200 and get away with it ??

I got 10700K@5.1 with 32gb 3600 and i got stutters above 100. internet connection does not go above 5mbs in ai areas.

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I have mine set to 175.I find the stuttering doesn’t come in until I load up an Airliner.200 runs just fine if you stick to flying GA.The setting tends to use ram and vram so I would assume anyone running an 11gb card shouldn’t have issues @200

Are you overclocking at all? I had been overclocking my 9700k for a while and FS just did not like it. Overclock gpu no issue but not my cpu.

When you say “didnt like it” what do you mean by that ?

When I set my cpu to boost past it’s default boost of 4.9, to 5.0 or 5.1. It stuttered quite a bit and even CTD a couple of times. Temp was not an issue and I ticked my voltage up a hair and it still would not run smooth. As soon as I set my CPU back to stock clocking the stutters went away.

Well mine my boost is 5.1 and yes i am on 5.1.

I believe that is stock for that CPU is it not? So you are not over-clocking??

with my old cpu without overclock i can’t play :\

too low voltage imho

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I’m running a 3700X and a gigabyte 3080 and have set it to 600 with beautiful results. I get 40-60 FPS at 4K with not a single stutter, even in places like SFO and JFK.l, though it occasionally dips to 30.


I’ve finally identified a root cause for Trees LOD distance which I’ve Zendesk.

There is valuable information in various “LOD” related discussion but this is all spread out and buried in various posts. This is one of the reason I’ve tried investigating and documenting at least a single problem related to trees and ring distance which I hope will be helping Asobo finding a solution faster.

We also must try getting their attention to the information I’ve disclosed in raising the vote count above their minimum threshold (the 30th in their list is 142 votes and this discussion is only at 50% of this threshold).

Let’s help us all: please cast your vote and tell your friends!
LOD Problems - Trees Fix Revisited

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