Increase LOD Distance for Higher GPUs


As many have mentioned here, we need better LOD… using an RTX 2080 Ti, the LOD is terrible in this sim and could be much improved for better visuals.

Agree, this should be improved.

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Problem is, when you increase the LOD, the stutters arrive. Everyone goes on about FPS, however, what is just as important is smoothness. I find anything above 100 LOD and the engine stutters. That’s with a 2080ti, 32GB RAM @3200 and i9900KS @5ghz. 3840x1600.


We need seperate LOD for texture and terrain (triangle Bing building distance), at the moment they are both together, it should be separated, this create at higher altitude blurry texture it should not. Also LOD level should be increased for both.

At the moment:

  • Terrain level of details control both texture and building quality at any altitude low or high altitude
  • Terrain level of details for texture is the same offline\online not related to internet bandwidth
  • Terrain level of details for texture even on HD 4096x4096 offline, is the same, not related to bandwidth


Try this. Works great.

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yes, but they need to increase this on default, and now since MSFS loading will be faster on next update, will be even great.

I agree. In the interim…

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please vote to this thread, press button vote at the left of the the tittle…
Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

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Asobo, another example of bad LOD… I have a 2080 Ti and settings on ULTRA and this scene would be gorgeous if the LOD was better.

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i9-9900K, 2080 Ti here. I feel baited and switched on what was shown in the gameplay trailers leading up to release and what I’m playing in terms of LOD and fidelity in some areas.

I’m incredibly impressed by what shipped, still an absolutely stunning game but things like shimmering and pixelated clouds are very frustrating when you’re running top of the line hardware.



Faster load times coming?
Where can I see this info?

Not that I don’t believe you, I just want to know where I can read about this upcoming update. Thanks!

Fully agree. And now everyone thinking these 3080 cards will be miraculous are still gonna be upset with fs2020 until they optimize it


msfs web site feedback snapshot picture, you must be logged to see it,

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Thank you very much!

Hey all to those following the LOD Distance issue – do we anticipate this being fixed in patch 2.0 coming in 10 days? I couldn’t tell from today’s blog post.

Seems we’re back to autogen pop=in like in FSX. Xplane and P3D fixed this 5 years ago with the alpha-fading technique. LOD was to the horizon, as far as the eye could see, or at least it appeared to be. They need to do this technique on this 2020 sim…


Agreed. It’s getting really bad (or I am noticing it more) – today’s example… on ULTRA settings mind you. Everything is a triangle… it’s so terrible.


This looks fixable though.

It looks like an overagressive LOD, favoring low level of detail objects over quality. Probably because so many people complained about fps, they went overboard in the other direction.

I would however very much prefer if we could adjust this ourselves, preferrably in a config file. Because it makes you feel a little helpless if they just alternate between bad stuttering at the beginning of a month and potato settings at the end.

And btw, disabling photogrammetry is always an option if you are unhappy with this. The problem here seems that the engine treats photogrammetry buildings like scenery and can not understand what they are, so it can only reduce detail by some generic algorithm like it would do with terrain (removing points). If it knew it was just a rectangular building it could store precalculated LODs that would look much better than this, but with this real world stuff it seems not so easy. you would need an information for every building what the closest spatial primitive is.


Lod is more like Cpu / Ram / connection factor. You can also have a 3090, but if cpu won’t load all the scenery, you will get stutter

omg seems fsx :\