IndiaFoxtEcho F35 Lightning

I don’t know how many people here are following this release but it looks utterly incredible. I think release is before the end of the month so I presume before Christmas, unless there’s a delay.

By the sounds of things it comes with 3 aircraft carriers dotted around the world. What a great package. Dino’s modelling really is second to none. The detail is superb.

This is worth a watch. [MSFS] F-35B Lightning II Preview In Midway - YouTube

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Fantastic. The carrier looks as well detailed as the F35.

Oooooo I want one of these for Christmas!


A nice thing is that they opened a beta to let people report issues and they found a bunch which will be fixed probably before the release, if you wanna see more details about this check the last post :

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Awesome looking, can’t wait, checking marketplace regularly cos this and the f16 are due…….

I don’t think its going to be out for a few weeks yet. Sounds like there’s a lot of last minute changes being made from the feedback given from testers.

Really looking forward to this though. I’m surprised there’s not more hype around here for it. It looks incredible.

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Saving my $ for this instead of the f-16.I trust that these guys will make a solid plane!

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The P3D version was great and if the STOVL for the B works as well as it did in that version I’m very much looking forward to it. Hopefully down the road we get Tacpack for MSFS and then it’s true potential will be realized. Sim Skunk works have proven you can at least drop bombs with their G.91

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It really is amazing looking, fab in stovl mode also…

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This and the Twin Otter are the ones I’m most looking forward to.

I’ve been ogling this for months.

I was going to use the same carrier model but spunked too much time and effort on the considerably crappier existing one. I may crack.

It’s without a doubt THE best rendition of one I’ve seen.

Yeah totally agree. This and the Twin Otter are the two imminent releases that I’m really excited for.

The attention to detail with Indiafoxecho modelling is really second to none. The quality is just superb. The MB339 was the first fast jet we got for the sim and its actually still my favourite I think.

Lol. I go back to my mb339 regularly, I absolutely love it…
I’ve got the t45 as well, just as good but it’s the mb that wins. I’m confident indiafoxtecho will not let us down…


Possible release for this later this week apparently. Fingers crossed.

Just read that on FB. I’m in two minds still on purchasing it. When it comes to military aircraft I’m very much a full fidelity, full systems DCS kinda person. I appreciate we will never have full system simulation of a military aircraft in MSFS but what I don’t like is when developers change a system that cannot be modelled to something unrealistic like an autopilot from an Airbus or a Garmin inserted. I like the Hawk in MSFD because you can easily ignore the limited autopilot and remove the GPS and fly and navigate it how I imagine pilots do in reality. It also gets away from the need for high system fidelity as its a very simple aircraft.

Without breaking the beta NDA can anyone tell me what to expect from the F35? Maybe it will be best to hold on for a day or two before purchasing to get some feedback.

DCS simulates older planes for the reason that information on them is obtainable for developers. for the F-35 there is much less tech info available. so don’t expect full systems dept.

You can follow the beta on the IndiaFoxtEcho website here. or on their discord.

From the IndiaFoxtEcho website:

This is a medium-high complexity add-on which is meant to depict the F-35 Lightning II in all its three variants.

  • A good flight model (to the extent of publicly available information and within the limits of MSFS)

  • Highly detailed external and internal models, depicting the three variants of the jet

  • Realistic aircraft interface depicting the flight systems. Sensors and mission systems are not simulated.

  • Simple sound package

The intended use is recreational simulation, training flights, cockpit orientation and non-combat military operations.

The correct name is IndiaFoxtEcho :wink:

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Just woke up need coffee :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. I know DCS well as an owner of the f14 and mig21 and would never expect that level of fidelity.

The best example of my issue was with the recently released F16. I was all set to buy it when I watched an early review say that the row of buttons under the HUD, A-A, A-G and IFF amongst others, have changed to something totally different. I think some sort of autopilot control. That really put me off as it was no longer a simulation of the f16 but just something that looks a bit like one but with the developers own idea of how it functions. I would much rather have everything in the correct place and if a system is not supported on msfs have inop or a placeholder.


What! Not indiafoxtecho? Is the capital F and E so important lol