Indiafoxtecho MB 339 - Now Available!

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How about that. I wonder how fully implemented the systems are.

This may give a little bit of insight :+1:


Well my weekend just got a whole lot better.

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Thanks, looks great. Looks like you can tune to VORs/VORTACs in this? I like that kind of navigation without having GPS at your disposal - this looks like a good candidate for around the world trips where navigation is a bit challenging but you’ll get around a heck of a lot quicker than any of the props.


Absolutely! I have 5 legs of my RTW trip remaining.

This baby’s taking me home :small_airplane:


Did you buy it?
How does it feel?
What about the " Dolphin Dance" issue?
Please, give more details about this aircraft
Thank you

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Purchased this and visually it looks great, my biggest problem right now is i cant find any kind of a manual. The video above covers how to start it up, but I can’t for the life of me figure out altitude hold, heading hold, or autopilot functions. I see the flt dir panel, and a heading and course set dial, but i can’t figure out how to actually make them work. And most of the button on the AHR/GPS do nothing. There’s also a variety of switches that move, but have no labels to explain what they do in various spots around the plane. A bit of help with a manual would be SO nice…

That was quick. Also did a quick start video.

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Anybody know how to stop the plane from moving up and down the screen when pitching? It makes the plane feel sluggish same with the roll but side to side movement.

Hi, is this likely to be available through the marketplace in MSFS? I have several add-ons that I bought outside the program and I’m thinking that it may be better long term to have them ‘inside’.

Dino mentioned it has been submitted and will be in the marketplace whenever they approve it, though mentioned it could be 2-3 weeks or longer before that happens.

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Thanks for the information. Do you think that I am worrying about nothing to want to get it via the marketplace? I had initially thought it would be good to have things in there for the update path, but the way things are going, I have a bunch of non-marketplace add-ons already, so perhaps I shouldn’t care?

I wasn’t planning to get any add-ons outside of the marketplace either, but I assumed the process of getting products into the marketplace would be a bit faster and I was really interested in both this and the Long-EZ so decided to buy them now via simMarket. I can’t imagine we’ll be getting so many updates it becomes laborious to keep it up to date.

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Truly amazing, the details even in the loading screens.

Do I see correctly on the videos and screenshots that the HUD is not impelemented?

Does anyone know where exactly is the location for the cockpit engine sound ??
I’d like to replace that sound
Those from the printscreen, maybe ??
Thank you

Dino’s blog here

Looks like we get a toy for doing the machloop before we get the real stuff do run it :wink:

Amazing plane… but how do we have to activate the autopilot functions?

I believe this aircraft is a “port over” from the freeware MB339 for DCS.
I learned to fly that by using this excellent training website.
Not sure if it’s usefull for the MSFS2020 version though.

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