IndiaFoxtEcho Sukhoi SU-31

Hi all,

Dino from IndiaFoxtEcho was kind enough to give me the upcoming Sukhoi SU-31 to take for a quick ride and I wanted to record my initial impressions and discoveries as I took the aircraft on a quick flight to see how it handles on the ground and in the air.

I hope you agree that it’s rather well-done, and though I am admittedly far from an aerobatic aficionado, the work Dino and the team put into their aircraft always shows and this bird is no exception. I hope you enjoy the video. (I think the HD version is still being processed by YouTube, so if you can only watch in SD, give it a few minutes. I am going to bed, it’s 4:57 am.) :wink:


Glad to see this is finally getting released. I’ll be all over it since it was my favorite plane in OG Flight Unlimited way back in the 90s


The installation will fail.
It seems that there are other people, so it seems to be reproducible.
I’ll wait until something is dealt with.

This is not a place to get support, so I’ll just report it.

I just hope I’m not the only ignorant who got very disappointed the Su-31 is in fact NOT something in between an Su-30 and an Su-35 :flushed: :sob:


The version that is released to the public now has a bunch of features my version didn’t have (such as the optional GPS panel and covers), so now that I have the new one, I will do a little video update tomorrow morning. My earlier video isn’t fully representative of the final product.


Yep, same here, identical error.

Oh well, this has been delayed so much, what’s another delay eh? :smiley:

I’ve just sent them an email. If they’re going to make us use that terrible Simmarket app, the least it could do is actually let me, you know, install the ■■■■■■■ procuct.

EDIT: Got a mail back from Dino, who sent me download link for the manual and installer. According to him, it’s an installer issue. Well, as long as I can fly a Sukhoi this morning, I’m happy.

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Interesting, I tried to buy it via Simmarket’s awful app, and the transaction failed, so I went on the website and I was able to access my downloads again. Grabbed the zip there and was able to install.

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That SimMarket app is a plague. Especially for products that require you to use it for installation and no longer allow you to just download the product.

Since my copy is from IFT directly, can anyone tell me if this product requires installation by the SimMarket app or does SimMarket actually allow you to download it?


My experience with the app has been really inconsistent. For example the recently released f-104g comes as a zip that you just copy to your community folder. When I first bought it the app allowed me to just download it but when the update came I was forced to install it via the app. This is when I discovered step 1 of the “install” in the app is to download the zip, so I waited until the download portion of the process was done and copied the zip so I could save it.

Please take up support questions on IFTE’s channels like their Discord. See this notice from Dino.

As an update to the screenshot above: I can download it through the site right now, so apparently he did disable the app (for now, I assume). Let’s hope he keeps it that way.

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Since the mods closed my “Released” topic, @BostonJeremy77, maybe you can change the topic title here to indicate that? Thanks!

Removed “Coming Soon” from title.


Has anyone found a way to change the pilot?

Pretty low key release for an IndiaFoxtEcho plane! Not really much out there in the way of reviews. Looked pretty decent from @BostonJeremy77’s video though so I’m thinking about picking it up (but not from SimMarket, hoping it’ll pop up on Just Flight in the next few days).

Anyone else care to post their impressions of this plane? It’d be very appreciated.

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I can’t say too much about it since I’ve only flown it once and I’m not super knowledgeable of aerobatic maneuvers, but it’s a solid product. The visuals and sounds are well done, it’s got that aerobatic nimble-ness to it that just makes you want to throw it around. The only negative I’d say is I had a hard time getting it to do a hammerhead turn, but the dev mentioned that it wasn’t 100% where they wanted it in terms of the flight model, but they’ve demonstrated that they’re willing to update their stuff so I’m confident they’ll get it ironed out. Not a bad deal for the price.

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Has anyone been able to activate the optional GPS that’s now a part of the aircraft? And if so, HOW?

I tried to click on the click spot but nothing happened. I assumed it was because the engine was running.

Exactly as described in .pdf manual:
Click this zone just above manifold pressure indicator (it stays black in my case)

Something ridiculous is wheelchocks appearing when using parking brakes. Why not when in cold&dark start situation, but inaccurate in any other case you have to use parking brakes.
And yes controls are very very sensitives.
Perhaps a switch to have senstive controls during aerobatics and less sensitive for ground handling, T/O and landings would be an idea ?

In my case, it works anytime, on ground with engine running or not, and in flight.

I’ve just tested to verify, you need to have electrical power and radio on to have a display on GPS