IndiaFoxtEcho's T-45c Goshawk Released

I certainly hope they are knowing…

I think it’ll need Asobo to change something.

The Hard Deck Simulations carrier developer said they were waiting for the same thing. It can’t be done right now.

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Because I want to have all my stuff in one place and easy to download, if I buy from a third party I am subject to their policies in regards to if I have to use some download client (something more to install) or weird stuff like download limits, broken DRM, and in general another website to keep track of (i.e. data breaches, etc.)

With the in-game marketplace I never have to worry about this stuff and if I ever want to install MSFS with my addons on another PC, I just need to go into the “not installed” section of the content manager, select all, and install everything. For me this is worth it even if I get updates a bit later and have to pay a bit more.


Just got through with a mindblowingly beautiful live weather sunset flight from China Lake Air Base to Miramar in the new T-45c. It’s a winner. Absolutely fantastic. Also, probably my best landing ever! There’s something amazingly cool about landing at night with that bright green fighter jet hud.

I did not experience any framrate hit in the cockpit whatsoever. My FPS was steady at the same level regardless of camera view and the same as in any other aircraft, or actually even better than some! I will admit I have a pretty beefy rig with a i7-9700k and RTX 3080 running at 4K, but I noticed nothing.

It’s unfortunate some others are having framerate issues because this jet is brilliant. Hopefully it gets sorted quick so those folks can enjoy too.

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I imagine everyone has turned off TAA anti-aliasing per the instructions?

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I just turn off the HUD.

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Much like the MB-339, the external sounds are beyond weak. Hope it is a bug.


I can’t really write a full review as I haven’t wrapped my head around all the systems here - THIS AIRCRAFT IS VERY COMPLEX and is different yet again from anything else we have here. But boy, this thing is BEAUTIFUL…

Mostly everything in the cockpit and system works. You will have a lot on your hands just trying to get this thing set up for flight from cold and dark. There ARE checklists in sim, but they don’t have visual guidance (to where everything is).

The sounds are not very impressive, however. Everything sounds pretty thin and soft. Perhaps it’s a quiet aircraft - I do not know.

I will most likely be able to write more once I have a handle on the systems, but it’s a joy to fly - the handling is VERY impressive, takeoff went smooth. I will leave you with some pictures high over Italy. YES, I did break a few protocols in terms of landing gear and flaps extension just to capture a few shots of that. Sorry about the dark cockpit - it was dawn. But the textures are very well done.

I DID have to turn down anti-aliasing (per instructions) to be able to read the HUD. TAA just won’t work right now with HUDs.


A few more screenshots for you all in brighter conditions. THIS is how you release a good-looking MSFS aircraft. Kudos to MilViz and IndiaFoxtEcho teams!


i was expecting that and that;s why i’ll wait on this one.Also has other issues with TAA etc.
i’ll not turn off TAA just for a plane model.They ought not to release such products.


have to switch off both MFDs to get a decent frame rate

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Unfortunate, but with the unclear frame rate issues and the necessity to turn off TAA (no way, not at 1080p!) I’ll give this a pass for now.

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Yeah - same for me - I get great FPS everywhere except for planes with lots of avionics. I’ll wait for the HTML convert.

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Having flown roughly two hours in it, it’s one of my favorite jets for sure. Great framerates, visuals and sound. It flies like you’d expect, performance is also like you’d expect: it’s agile and great for those training aerobatic maneuvers. Not a bad price point for an initial release either, I think it’s on the mark - and IFE keep their products up to date and fresh (lots of new MB339 changes coming soon by the way). Haven’t run into any issues so far, can’t wait to see what else can be brought to the Goshawk :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, it seems to be common among planes with custom HUDs. The F-15 has the same issue. I’m curious to see if the CRJ will also be like that, considering how much support Asobo gave Aerosoft on it.

To those that have framerate concerns, I can only tell you that the aircraft doesn’t perform any worse on my system than anything else… So I am happy with it.

The HUD is… well… it’s something that will eventually be handled on the sim level, I believe. I am still incredibly happy with this product.


Saying IndiaFoxtEcho shouldn’t release such products is, in my opinion, unfair to them. There seems to be literally nothing they can do about the TAA and HUD situation as that is an Asobo issue with the core sim itself and the way TAA is implemented. They’re working with the system that’s currently in place which seems to suffers from some limitations like this. It’s of course your choice to buy or wait, but placing the blame at IFE’s feet for this really isn’t right.

i have the F15 and have no issues with the HUD

Same. And that’s not to discount the experiences of those who have noticed framerate issues, but instead to point out that it isn’t universal. Hopefully the devs can figure out what is causing it for some folks, because this is a fantastic plane.

That’s interesting, because I do. Well, if the TAA is IndiaFoxtEcho’s fault then I take back what I said, but it seems to be up in the air if that’s the case.

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