Infinite cheking update?

Would be nice for someone official to acknowledge the issue and that it is being addressed.


Yeah, oh well she did cook me a chilli tonight, so i best go and see whats on netflix :grimacing:


10-4 same here. - Sadly, I have not played for a few days and have looked forward to it this afternoon and now cannot.

Same here in UK :frowning:

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Same situation in Colorado. I was using MSFS minutes ago and shut down and restarted to swap airplanes and now I’m stuck on checking for updates.

romantic comedy [[stereotype mode off]]


Hmmmm, keep em coming , bit of a liam Neeson fan myself :+1:t3:

Me too, in Spain
Servers going down.

Similarly :rofl:

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It would be nice of them to speak up and let us know what’s going on…fix ETA
Yeah…I’m Capt. Obvious


I just pm’d Jayne so hopefully she can get somebody to take a look at the back end.


Behave, the kids are still up :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Checking also in Florida, must be a big update…

Same Same Germany

Hello, same thing in Portugal

Same here in Madrid , Spain…Asobo or microsoft has to fix this… we can not always depend on their servers or their internal issues if i wanna fly… This has to stop…

Same here in the Netherlands

Its loading up now :+1:t3::flushed::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

its fixed now for me