iniBuilds Airbus A310-300 expected soon: "This month is going to be great for our MSFS flyers!“

Awesome! The previews have been looking really great!


I wonder how much this will cost. I’ve out money aside for the PMDG 737 already, because I really want a high quality Boeing. But this also looks interesting.

Yes I have never flown this model before but as I was reading and youtubing about it yesterday I find it a very interesting aircraft to get to know better. iniBuilds is considered to be top notch so I have no doubt there will be a lot to learn with this one.

Is the A310 still flying today in the real world? I heard a lot of good things about inibuilds. However, just like the maddog MD-80 you don’t see them often. I guess most of them are just uses as a freighter. That is the main reason why people are eagerly waiting for a Boeing 737, most virtual pilots want to fly the aircraft they see at the airports.

Yes I suppose you’re right. Looking at the list of current operators there aren’t a lot of real flights to be simulated anymore that way.

Personally I don’t care at all though. I use all the proper flight planning and callsigns but for considerations like that I’m luckily still just in a simulator with very little boundaries to recognize. :wink:


release is not going to be this month

And… there goes the hype… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well I do grant their statement can be interpreted broadly but do you perhaps know more about it that you would care to share?

I find it hard to believe it will be this month… I hope I’m wrong!

The devs have said the release is not going to be this month in the inibuilds discord

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Thanks for the headsup! I’ve altered the post title accordingly.

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This is probably the new airplane that I’m most excited about! iniBuilds has a great reputation from the Xplane world which is where I’m from, and the A310 is a perfect blend of old/new school with a CRT glass cockpit circa 1980s. It will also probably be the first high quality wide-body long haul aircraft in the simulator as well.

2022 is shaping up so nice for us virtual airline pilots considering iniBuilds, Fenix, and PMDG (once PMDG gets past that 700 series and releases the 800 that represents 75% of all the 737 NG models ever built :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).


I’d rather see a good B727 or DC9. Don’t need another Airbus. But good for those who want this aircraft.

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I don’t know man, it is true that it is rare to see them nowadays, but in the sim world I see no issue with flying the plane.
I love to see old planes while taxiing in IVAO or VATSIM, I love flying them as well.


Looks great, I’m sure it will be just as good if not better than the XP version.
But these old aircraft are not really my cup of tea! I prefer the modern Boeings and Airbus, but if it’s a good price I may pick it up

This one is borderline “modern”, it does have a glass cockpit and you would handle it pretty much like a modern airliner, not exactly the same of course, but that is what makes it interesting for me.


I don’t know how anyone can turn their nose up at this. The hybrid glass/dials cockpit is a category of airliner that hasn’t yet made its mark in MSFS. Very similar to the 737-300/400 cockpit.


Don’t be fooled, This is just an Airbus by name! This is like a Hybrid Boeing/Airbus.

It is a real handful on approach, if you dont plan and manage your speed. It handles like a Boeing in the pit with a touch of Airbus here and there. This is no A320.

I absolutely can not wait to recreate this in MSFS with this plane (X-Plane in the shots)

The best Boeing that Airbus has ever built ^^

Well if you want to look at it that way ok. Both manufactures make great planes.

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