Inibuilds announces the A310 - What a day to be alive

Wooo! Happy Friday community.

Earlier PMDG showed us their beautiful 737. Now we are getting spoiled by inibuilds who just announced the A310 is coming to FS2020.

Reference: Development Update#16 - A big update! - iniSimulations Announcements - iniBuilds Forum


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It’s nice to see a competent developer working on an airliner for MSFS.

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Thats a nice one, I cant wait for some 1980s tech


For xbox as well ?

Wow, this really made me happy.
I love this aircraft!

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And yet even more top developers are jumping on the MSFS train. I suspect more X-Plane developers will prioritize MSFS products over the next few years (a lot of 3rd party developers have already abandoned P3D for MSFS in the last year).

You should ask in the discord or forum.

I would not get overly excited yet. Probably undecided yet but they have a lot of code to run.

Now this just made my day, I was hoping someone would tackle older Airbus metal :+1:


That is really excellent news. Now what remains to be seen is how well these types of complex 3rd party airliners will run on MSFS - if they run well this will really become a complete flight sim platform.


I did not expect that!

CRJ runs good so no need to worry.


Excellent news, excited to do an Air Transat run CYYZ-EGKK and finally get some transatlantic flying in too. Always enjoyed seeing the A310 at Gatwick and have heard nothing but good things about their A300/A310 releases.


I wonder what the secret aircraft is they will reveal at the end of the year, Beluga?

I would think it’s an aircraft they’ve not developed in any sim rather than bringing the Beluga to another platform.

I am looking more toward A300-600, than A310. But OK, maybe after A310, A300 is next. Yay!

Hopefully there will be a cargo variant too.

I think Just Flight has an A300 in development.

This is good news for those of you that want an A310. Personally I am an old fashion airliner guy. I will get excited when I see a good B727 or DC9 being released.

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If I had to guess, it would be a 757/767. They had said it is something completely new, and would surprise many. Well, most, I think, are expecting another Airbus of some sort. However, that wouldn’t really be quite the surprise. They obviously chose the A300/A310 because they loved the 1980s mix of steam/glass avionics. Therefore, I would guess the secret project is the 757/767. Same time period. Same mix of old/new. Finally, nobody has brought a study-level 757/767 out since LevelDSim back for FS2004.