Inserting flight plan with the new G1000NXi

I’m trying to use the new G1000Nxi by Working Title.
Sounds like a very cool improvement.
For some reason I am not able to write into Flight
Plan Screen.
I select the row down the “Origin - RW __” line but once there I can’t find the way to input any value.I’ve try both cursors and ENT button.
I guess I am missing something in terms of UI.

This may help. He explains things very well. Good luck to you.

I saw it before.
Unfortunately he has not my problem. I can’t input anything into the flight plan. It doesn’t allow me to. I played with all knobs and attempted all buttons.

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You need to drop down to the line below Origin and enter the departure airport, it’s not logical but apparently that is what Garmin designed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I understood that from YouTube tutorials but it’s not working for me.
Once I select that line (the one below origin) I can’t do nothing pressing or turning both knobs.
It just doesn’t work

Apologies I should have read your post fully, good luck with finding the problem. Unless you have already tried it, delete the G100NXI and re-download it?

I’m far from home atm but I’ll try. It was my only flight with that fmc so I have still various options yet to attempt including reinstalling

Once you have destination set, got the next line that is under Enroute, once there rotate the inner FMS knob once and it should open up the next window to complete putting in the waypoints. Works the same on PFD and MFD.

By chance you don’t have the Working Title G1000 in the community folder do you? This will cause the NXi to mess up.

And if murphy’s law existed. I cleared the FP I had, then went back and now I can not input any thing in the FPL area for Departure, Destination and waypoints. Something is causing a race condition. Also deleting the FP does not delete it all the way, it removes the waypoints but leaves Depart and Destination still filled out.

Thanks. I 'll try your steps one by one.
No my community folder is empty since SU5. I’ve removed both g1000 and g3000 by working title even if g3000 is absolutely fantastic

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