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I have MSFS on my old PC installed on its own SSD. I am trying to install MSFS on a second PC I plan to leave at my vacation home. I read files will sync between the two PCs. Can I install MSFS on my vacation PC on any drive I like? I am trying to install it on a separate SSD as I did on my original PC but can’t get it fully downloaded. Keeps hanging on decompression at various points. Is there any problem with synced settings preventing my download on the vacation PC? When I downloaded the sim it automatically created 3 folders on an SSD before I even directed it to download update there. It is as it is syncing the download directory of my first PC. Is this possible? Two days and no luck. Thanks

It sees it as a different device if memory serves so won’t sync in the way you are thinking.

Thanks. So this should have nothing to with decompressing failing repeatedly on different folders? Should I delete MSFS off my old PC then try installing it on the new one? would it matter? I’m starting to get extremely frustrated. Been working on this for two days now!

My understanding is – If your 1st PC is turned off, you should be able to log into your MS account and install MSFS on your 2nd PC.
The fact that it is having an issue installing, seems to point to an issue with that 2nd PC and /or its internet connection. ?

Maybe someone else who has actually tried this, can give you more information.

If you still have questions, there is always ZenDesk

Thanks for your help. I have Fios 1 gig up and down. Tried wireless and cable. Same results. May have to contact the desk

I’d buy a new license, second XBox-identity etc.

It can be done for free, with the same account and that is legal, but it won’t allow you to run MSFS on these two PC’s at the same time. So only if you are sure that will never happen…


Here was their reply: We understand that you would maybe prefer our team to take control of your system to troubleshoot the issue remotely but right now, our best way of supporting Microsoft Flight Simulator players is solely by email. We appreciate you taking the time to follow our step-by-step guides.

Thanks but I have tried all these methods to no avail. I am only 3.11 gig short of finishing update. I have the install folder on my first PC and was think of copying it and pasting it into my second PC but it won’t allow me to copy the files. Any suggestions on that procedure? Would it work?

There’s currently no ability to configure different user profiles, so it will forcibly sync your logbook and all your settings between every computer that you log in with the same XBOX user name.

Can this be causing the install problem. When I first install before update t shows syncing, I assume with my first PC. Can this be causing the update problem?

Yes, that is true: your settings and achievements etc. are linked to your user profile („Xbox account“).

But you can definitively install FS2020 on a second PC, under the (fair) restriction (mentioned already above) that you can only use it on one PC at a time.

You should be able to copy over the FS2020 data folder (including the community folder etc.) from your first PC to your second PC, to save the huge data download again. But given that you fail already at this simple task seems to indicate that there is something wrong with your second PC setup.

What it is, no idea. Your error descriptions are not sufficient („it won‘t allow me“ - „it“? what is „it“? What is the error message, if any? How are you trying to copy in the first place? Via USB stick? Network? Etc. etc.) to make an educated guess for me. User access rights perhaps?

But regardless: a complete new installation should always work. Your first PC has nothing to do with it. And I am talking from experience :wink:

You can’t use a different email ?

Possibly. Your account is registered as “been updated”, for the part you do via the Store ? It won’t go 2x ?

For the downloads done inside MSFS, the file system is used. Any missing files will be downloaded.

I’m not sure what happens, if it happens… I never tried a second machine with the same account. Maybe you’ll need to reinstall on the other machine, after an update ?

This is what I did when the Update stalled/looped towards the end of the Update.

(1) Note the name of the file that is trying to download & Install. Its probably that big Multip-part fs-base one ?
(2) Task Kill out of MSFS.
(3) Search for that downloading file in Official (and all parts of it) - Delete them
(4) Re-start MSFS, and continue the Update

In my case, when this has happened, the update re-started on the Problem file, and continued to end, with a successful Update.

NOTE: This is what I did – If you choose to attempt to do the same, based on what I told you I did, you do so at your own responsibility & risk

Sorry for not being more clear. I attempted to copy contents of my OneStore folder to an external HDD. I get the error “your organization does not allow you to place this file here” I too believe it has something to do with ownership. WPS was showing owner as SYSTEM. Changed ownership to myself and got same error

Hmmm, that‘ strange: in my case I was able to copy the „packages“ folder (which indeed contains the bulk of data to be downloaded during a new install) just fine. I have the Steam version though, so YMMV.

By the way, what‘s the format of your external HDD? Make sure it is formatted with an NTFS (most HDD / SSD come preformatted with exFAT32, for maximum compatibility with other operating systems).

But again, installing FS2020 „from scratch“ on your second PC should work. So if you keep on stumbling over copying the package folder I‘d suggest to skip that step and simply bite into the sour apple and download everything anew.

I understand that you already tried this and the download seemed to get stuck somewhere - but that‘s another problem and I would focus on that instead. But I can assure you that it has nothing to do with your installation on your first PC.

Why not just downloading and making a fresh install on the new PC, and taking the community folder content with you?

Thanks. Yes it’s NTFS. Download continues to loop on decompressing fis base packages. I’m running out of options. I’d uninstall it on first PC and then try to install on second PC. I’m afraid if I uninstall it it I won’t have it on either PC. Other option is to bite the bullet and purchase Steam version on s3cond PC but I hate to waste the money.

I’m trying to download on new PC but keeps hanging on decompressing fis base packages (various numbers) with 3.11 gig to finish.

What spec is the PC? I remember one of the updates (possibly SU6) I did a reinstall as I’d rebuilt the PC and had to leave it sitting for an hour or more while it did it’s thing. Could it be it just needs to be left for longer?

I uninstalled MSFS from my second PC again (third time) and figured I’ll just install everything on my C drive (NVME 1Tb). If it works I’ll try to move it to my 500G SSD later. I totally shut down my first PC with MSFS on it before starting install on my second. When I initiated install Xbox said I was still signed in on first PC even though it was off. Then turned first PC back on and signed out of XBox. Then started install on second PC and signed into XBox. Maybe it being signed in at same time on both PCs was causing problems? I’ll check in later with results. Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions.

Assuming this is the Ms Store version this is to do with the files being encrypted. You’ll find most WP folders to act like this

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