Installation Issues & Bugs Megathread

ATTENTION!!! I have finally found the end to my madness of restarting downloading packages. this is what i did and it fixed it. First of all uninstall anything xbox that lets you uninstall it ie. xbox app, then disable windows defender firewall. restart pc and right click flight sim app run as admin and you should be good. i really hope this helps its been unbearable. this is for if you downloaded from the windows store bought or game pass.

Anyone getting blurry scenery and textures on ultra? Here’s some screenshots of NYC, as you can see with a little zooming in, the quality is atrocious:

I’m using a 1080, 50mbps internet and on a M.2 drive. Tried lower settings, different NVIDIA control panel settings, everything. Nothing fixes it. My VRAM never exceeds 6.5/8GB.

I was having a problem with the initial 990Mb download stopping at 984.3Mb and refusing to go any further, it was frustrating after the 5th try and I was apoplectic after the 12th.

I’m now a happy bunny as I’ve discovered what the problem was, for me at least.
It was all to do with permissions within my windows account, I think.

I normally log in locally rather than with an email address and that just wasn’t working so I enabled the Administrator account and tried that. Presto - the Sim loaded fully and installed. It’s now running fine.

However I didn’t want to continue using the Administrator account so I created another user and guess what - It works.

It must have been some problem with corrupt permissions in my original account even though it was an admin account.

If you had the same problem as me, give it a go, you never know.


Any update on the MS Store Syntax error… day 3 with no access.

me too…the same

Hello everyone,

We’ve just created a small survey to help us categorize the different issues you might have.

When asked, please describe how the SIM behave once you encounter an issue.

Thank you for your help, we’ll get through this. Many are already in the SIM, I’m sure it will be the same with you soon! :slight_smile:

I keep getting this when trying to fly. Reinstalled the game & drivers, did not get this on the Alpha.

Specs: 3900x, 2070s, 32GB

And are you able to fly the training missons?

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or just mute it - whole system or specific audio stream in the volume mixer

Any update on the MS Store syntax error for windows insider users please? 3 days now getting a bit fed up of the lack of acknowledgement. Alpha was great, no issues, but now locked out of the deluxe version until who knows when…

Totaly unable to donwload the game! I have purchase deluxe premium and impossible to donwload for 3 Days.

Thank you very much, you solved my problem for letting me cancelled the last download in the folder. it’s working perfectly after following you suggestion

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Hey there,

This is the exact same error I am getting on the Windows Insider build OS Build: 20190.1000


Same with me. Trying since day one to download. Logging in and out doesn’t work. Reinstalling ist also useless. Only able to download the 1GB for the launcher and after that this stupid error.

It’s just frustrating that you can’t do anything and microsoft doesn’t seem to do sth, too. They should at least post sth what’s up with this error.

That stinks. Do you have any recommended key words to search for or a name that would let me either find it or know if it is one I tried? Thanks in advance. I am currently problem free but have been keeping hwinfo up monitoring everything and this game seems to tax things that aren’t the norm and even seems to be treating ram weird. I want to figure out what is going on and why requires the things it does and hopefully get rid of the massive pagefile I have to have to run the game.

Good God. Can you be more of a petulant little child? Grow up.

Eat me - you spend money you expect a service. It’s really simple.

Come on - civility and patience

I have an infinite download loop problem and my download gets stuck on specific fspackage files that download 10%, then fall back to 0%, go back up to X%, then fall back to 0% again over and over.
In the download folder, there are no individual files to delete to restart the download process for this specific fspackage.
And if I delete one of the completed packages (delete a complete folder), MSFS downloads the deleted files just fine, but then gets stuck on the problematic loop file again.

If you try it a few hours later again, there is a 50% chance the download resumes. To me it looks like the server craps out on the client connection and not my internet on this because the internet is stable the whole time. And it’s getting really frustrating, it would be easier for MS to just let us download the package files manually from their server instead of using the launcher.
Because that actually works… if you have files downloaded you can copy them around and the launcher actually recognizes these files as complete and resumes the download with the next file.

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