Installation issues - Survey

Hello everyone, Some of you are still experiencing issues while installing MSFS. In order to better understand when and what is happening, please use the following link: >>> Click here <<< Thank you.


I want to buy the DVD-Version.
What do I need for the installation?

Microsoft Account ?
X-Box Software ?
Local Account ?
Game Pass?

Do I need all that?

Completed survey but forgot to add my system specs (not sure if this would be or not be important).

I just want to chime in and say, that I tested the installation process (GamePass PC) on two PC’s both on the same internal network, through the same firewall, and through the same Internet. Only one of the rigs (my main) had an issue with installation. It did not appear to be a network or slowness issue, but simply that the installer/updated crashes to desktop. I uninstalled and re-installed on thsi rig, and it did the same – crash to desktop.

The other, my laptop, had no problems with the installer/updater.

Both systems are on the most recent windows, same nvidia drivers, etc. and running about the same software. But for whatever reason, the installer crashes consistently on one of them .

That they are both on the same network and internet, to me, indicates it ain’t a network issue. Even if it was – proper handling would be to inform the user and terminate gracefully.

The good news is, the installer seems designed well such that when you re-ruin it, it picks up where it left off. That is a good thing.

After installing it juskes asked for my MS account, thats it.

Thank you for your help. We’ve gathered your feedback.
This will help us a lot in the process of solving the issue

How would one get the DVD version? Or much better is their a way to download the entire package to my harddrive and install from there? It appears that I will be trying to install this app every day for the rest of my life so I’d like to simplify the process.

You might want to unpin this topic because when I clicked on the survey link, it said the survey was closed.

My friend has DVD release from Aerosoft. He cannot start the game after installation. It hangs on 100% blue bar completion, playing music and nothing. He tried on his friend’s PC and got exactly same result. Not sure about PC specs, but having two different PCs experiencing exactly same issue sounds fishy. My friend is downloading Steam version now. If it works without issues, then DVD release is surely bugged. We’ll see

To update, Steam version started fine for both my friend and his friend. So, he will need to deal with broken DVD package. I certainly hope Aerosoft refunds it in full.

Ugh, just did a completely reinstall of Windows and formatted both my SSD’s to see if I can get the game to download and still running into the same issues… I hope they find and apply a fix before the 27th…