Installation issues

And what I said was factual. Buying it on steam, adds one more layer to the install process. You may have to just delete the whole package located at:

C:\your profile\appdata\local\packages\Microsoftflightsimulatorx xxxxxx Just delete this whole directory, then clear out deleted files, shut down pc. Restart PC, then at admin command prompt run the following command:


Personally I would at least run:
sfc /scannow - to make sure file structure is good. If you think your memory is in question you can in “search box” run: mdsched.exe - that will launch a windows memory check, takes a while.

Hope this helps. Keep us apprised on progress.

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No luck on anything.

I don’t know if you got far enough into the install for the sim to have saved anything to the cloud, but since all else has failed you could see if this will help: