Instrument 'pull' switchs

Hi Simmers, my settings have changed for some reason and I can’t remember how I set the mouse to pull the switches (speed, heading ect) on the FBW 320. I can turn the knobs, but then it just goes back to Managed (orange dot). Any advice

Assuming you are on legacy interaction mode, you place your cursor just below the button until you see a down arrow, then click.

Lock interaction is different and requires multiple button presses, but I don’t use that mode personally.

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I don’t use Legacy. I use modern

Two different things, two different settings:

Legacy/Modern refers to the fight model.

Legacy/Lock refers to the cockpit interaction method.

Lots of quirky names in this sim. It can be confusing.


That was it! I didn’t even know that the legacy/lock option existed. Quick test and it appears to be back how I liked it. Great help! Thanks!

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