Intel or AMD cpu?

Hi there!
I’m bulding a new rig to run FS 2020 and just ordered an Evga RTX 3080 TI and stiil deciding about cpu and mobo. I’m betweend AMD Ryzen 9 5900X; intel i9 10900K or i9 11900K and an Asus Rog Strix compatible mobo. It seems that AMD outruns the Intel on usual benchmarks, but for FS 2020 on which one should I get better FPS on 1440 an 4k, high and ultra settings? And what about memory? Should a DDR4 3200 CL14 32gb be fine? Thanks

1440p or 4k the CPU does not matter much especially for 4K you’ll need a beefy GPU around 3080 performance. As for CPU the difference between Intel and AMD is not very huge. Do some digging also outside the forums and make your final decision. For GPU stick with Nvidia.

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i would strongly suggest to wait for 12th intel gen. First leaks of 12900K are already published.
I have 11900K + Asus rog sttrix OC 3090 + 64 gskill ram CL16 with ultra good results on MSFS

Things are changing rapidly. For AMD, I’d grab one of the new X570S chipsets due out any day now. That will likely be the last AM4 socket mainboard, so it should get most if not all the bells and whistles. A 5900X is probably overkill; 5800X chips seem to be available at MSRP. 3600 ram has been said to be the “sweet spot” for optimizing the Infinity Fabric architecture.

A 3080 for your GPU should be good for a bit, although I’ve read the 20 GB VRAM cards should be available soon. That’s really my only beef with Nvidia: they’re skimpy on the VRAM even though the memory bus is faster than the AMD cards. Nvidia seems to be the way to go though, especially if MSFS starts to take advantage of ray tracing technologies.

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For most use, AMD is giving a better ‘bang for your buck’.

However, for MSFS, I personally think Intel is a better bet - less compatibility issues, and the number of cores is less important.

If you can wait 4 to 6 months, then 12th gen Intel will probably be best, but right now the i9 11900K is the best bet (if you can find one).

I am running 11900K (OCed to 5.3GHz, all cores) in an ROG STRIX Z590-E GAMING WIFI motherboard, 64GB Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz CL16 DDR4, and Auros 3080 Master (OCed to 2040MHz).

I can run at 40 to 60 FPS on all Ultra in pancake and 30 to 40 FPS in Reverb G2 VR at Ultra (80% open XR/100% Render Scale in sim).

Or wait for the AMD 6000 series that will once again knock the spots off of Intel.

If your CL 14 ram is the same PC-3200 as my G.Skill, 16GB of it clocks to a very solid, still cool 4000MHz at 16-16-16-36 1T on my MSI B550M on one of it’s memory OC profiles, will even do 4400 at a push. Latency around 70ns.

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  1. If you are going to buy tomorrow AMD 5900X + X570 Mobo (My current setup) PBO +200 Mhz, Max temp under test load 70 degrees with Artic 420 AIO.
  2. You can get 10900k if you accept they are kind of outdated ( talking about technology otherwise still more than enough) and you can find them cheap.
  3. 11900K is waste of money. (personal opinion)
  4. Alder Lake which is 12900K will be running around 200 Watt = HOT. (normal imo since it is faster than 5950 according to first tests

NOTE : My 6900XT using more than 12gb VRAM at 4K in busy areas, but probably it allocates more since it has 16GB, so 3090 and 3080ti user input required here.
NOTE2: If you choose AMD + x570 chipset please do not go 3200 ram (i am using one high end 3200 right now from my old intel system) go with the ram Twosuitz Wrote. 64GB Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz CL16 DDR4 great ram and cheap. Minimum 3600mhz and go 2 DIMMS not 4.
NOTE3: You can get 5800X too. You do not need 5900x (lets wait 27th for this, but now 5900x overkill)
NOTE4: As Seven7Tango mentioned there is a gossip about new 30 series under name SUPER. It is your choice.

The 64GB Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz CL16 DDR4, it is compatible with the aorus elite x570 AMD?

i9-11900k + 3080TI oc + z590 mobo + 64gb 3600mhz ram and I can fly pretty ■■■■ fluid. i mean old school fluid. Not having any performance issues in fs right now. But the big birds very very slightly. but that’s due to performance in game not my system like most of us lol. Really was a game changer for me when i upgraded last week to this. Expensive but worth every penny.

I would honestly wait a few more days to see what direction the 27 June SU5 update takes the game.
The Xbox platform is 100% AMD and it’s possible that performance enhancements may begin to favour AMD architecture.
(Or not…which is why I would wait and see)

As mentioned above, both AMD and Intel shift to entirely new sockets with their next CPU releases and these promise to be bigger steps in capability than usual including a shift to DDR5 memory. Intel is first out of the gate with this but AMD’s release will be within the next year.

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I have the same setup as you but i cant get my Cpu over 5,1ghz because its get to hot with aircooler Noctua NH-U12A.
Can i ask what Cpu-cooler you have and what voltage to reach 5,3Ghz all core?

Intel… (add chars sad)

I use the amazing Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360, but case design and airflow are really important too.

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Yes. some people just think all those tidy clean wired rigs are just for show, they’re not.

Although mine is nothing like a high end system I am only happy that my case open and case closed temps don’t differ at all.

I think it is fair to say that your question is similar to asking what football team you should support? Both AMD and Intel offer CPU’s that are more than capable to run MSFS (more so after July 27 :)) and you will have people in either camp telling you what is the best to buy. I would suggest reading up on some tech reviews that are objective and would give best advice based on your spending cap and usage of the final machine (ie. do you expect to use it for work, video editing or just playing MSFS etc etc).

If it helps - I bought an AMD 5800x CPU and Nvidia 3080 which are great for MSFS and you MUST buy :wink:


I9-11900K(F) has the best IPC at the moment, AMDs 59x0 not far behind.

That said, maybe a high IPC is not needed any more after 27th? Then AMD wins by far because it has 8 more cores than the 11900K (twice as many) and still 6 more than the 10900K.

We will know shortly.

MSFS is way too demanding on resource versus all other apps in the World IMHO, and I will not say it’s because it’s “next-gen”, but more that it need optimizations. It’s the only one saturating my “poor” i7 10700K from last September, even OC at 5.1Ghz all core (I don’t keep this OC, I mainly on 4,9Ghz all cores or stock 4,7Ghz, far enough and cooler). After they finally optimize the sim I hope to be able to keep my CPU for many years. All other apps and sims (racing or flying) can be run on ultra without any issue, and I will more invest in a better GPU later (currently RTX 3070) than on CPU.

So I’ll say all advises I read here are pretty good to go. IMHO any recent CPU with at least 8 physical cores and capable of 4,8Ghz and more will probably be enough for several years even with MSFS. The race of such overkill power is not really needed on CPU side, also IMHO :wink:

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I would really wait for the update next week before spending your bucks. That will give a good insight in what will be important for performance (e.g. clock speed vs cores).

As they have (apparently) rewritten quite a bit of the core coding, and moved bits of the burden to different cores (e.g. the glass cockpits), performance wise you cannot make a good decision based on the current sim.

So wait a week, wait for some feedback on the performance people are getting on various platforms (AMD / Intel) and then make an informed decision.

Just my 2 cents :wink:

If FS2020 performance is the main criteria, I have to agree with the others - wait. But you’ll have to wait longer than 5 days to the 27th.

There are significant changes coming to FS2020 with the move to DX12 that stand a good chance of breaking the previous advice for fastest single core performance. DX12 has been delayed and isn’t coming to PC simmers for a bit longer so we won’t know just how much this changes things. It may be important but it may not be.

If you need to buy a system now, the pre-DX12 advice should get you in the ball park for FS2020 performance but there’s a good chance it might not be quite “the best”.

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Is that a 2 stick or a 4 stick set? and RGB free?
(I am so struggling to find good ddr4 that doesn’t have RGB led’s spewing their unicorn rainbow rays all over the place.)