Intolerable flashing in top third of screen since update

Yeah, that seems rather definitive. I’m wondering what improvements they’ve made to the cloud system, since I’m not seeing anything different in screenshots and videos from this patch, and nothing was written in the patch notes. Maybe we should at least ask for more transparency in the patch notes, this isn’t the first time a stealth change happened…

Also why do they just say “lower end cards” when the GTX 950 performs worse than the GTX 780 Ti for example. They really should release a public statement about the obsolete GPUs from now on, and update the minimum system requirements as soon as possible.

Here’s my response…

You cannot revert to an older version of the simulator. This latest patch included an improvement to the cloud system that lower end video cards are having issues with. You did not list your GPU, but if it is on the lower end of specifications, then you might have to use the simulation on the lower end of settings, which again in this case might have to be without clouds.

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BTW mine was a GTX960M


Thanks, it seems that this is the message they’re going to send everyone from now on. If you are thinking of sending them another reply, could you ask them to go into more detail about that improvement, and whether they are planning to be more transparent with such improvements in the patch notes as well as publicly acknowledge that certain cards will be obsolete from now on? We really shouldn’t have to be the ones digging in order to find out what the heck went wrong all of a sudden.

To be fair, it’s unreasonable to expect all specs to be tested before release, especially slightly older ones such as ours. That’s not the issue - the issue is their response, which is bascially ‘yeh sorry, no, hope this helps’.

I don’t think it would be entirely unreasonable for them to run a very quick test on the minimum specification, which would be the GTX 770, and I assume they do own such a system in order to create an accurate requirement. But it is a terrible practice not to disclose that there was an improvement to the cloud system in the patch notes, or at least caution users that the minimum requirements could change unexpectedly over time.

For now, the listed minimum requirement is still the GTX 770, and now that they know about the issue they should have already updated the articles and made a public statement instead of sending everyone a rushed response.


This seems absolutely unfair. Imagine a game working until they force an update and break it?! Does this mean we can get our money back because its completely unplayable with flickering clouds lol.


All - It’s unfair your systems have been eclipsed by the simulator. Hmmm, has happened to me countless times when older system and some program updates and it won’t run. It’s also like when unleaded gas was introduced and all us old folks had were old cars which needed the lead so the valves would not be destroyed. Hmmm, time marches on, aint no way to stop it. Come on, really you want a new PC anyway, here is your excuse to get one, you can talk the wife into I’m sure.
Got a dell desktop 18 months old today, it’s been problem since new. Was trying to reset back to factory, dells USB restore program does not recognize the system, and I’ll bet, no one has ever seen a windows 10 DVD install disk period. It’s now a boat anchor sitting on my desk, it don’t run, cannot reset it, and aint paying for windows 10 twice. Makes me mad as XXXXX every time I turn head. And it’s got an GTX 1050 in it, which will run this game, not enough ram, but enough processor and video card. So you see, this happens to all of us. Moore’s law is now 12 months no longer 18 months.

Improvement??? They call this improvement? The clouds are awful now, they must be blind or they are trolling us.


We must have a fix or a refund. If an update could cause this problem then why not revert the issue?


It is a mess of asobo. NVidia says which graphics cards are no longer supported with drivers. If NVidia says that they don’t support a GPU generation anymore and only offer legacy drivers, yes, that card is outdated. Not Asobo has to decide that. If Asobo decides to no longer support certain graphics cards, then they need to communicate this in time and not let a patch ruin everything overnight. I’m not affected yet (GTX1070), but everyone with GTX9xx down should be able to claim their money back.


You can’t revert t the previous version because they upgrade on the server side. Reverting to the previous version would mean downgrading the entire infrastructure and asking for every player to revert.
Of ourse, they could run both versions in parallel on their servers, but they are not going to do this because it’s costly and you divide the community between two versions that are probably incompatible.


Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.

Worst analogy ever.

My dude, we’re in a global pandemic, some of us don’t have the immediate disposable income to buy a gaming computer right now.


Exactly. I’ve been trying all year to start up a new system. Ordered the first few parts, couldn’t be delivered due to poor availability, then prices shot up and now both prices and availability are completely out of hand. Motherboards and PSUs are nearly extinct. This is a terrible time to be told to upgrade.

I don’t even think they’ve got particularly bad CS - we all received responses within hours, sometimes minutes. If the project leaders have decided to throw ‘lower specification’ users under the bus, CS can’t really do much other than try and tell us as nicely as possible, and they’ve done that.

They promised a game that will be with us for a decade - I’m sure none of us still expected to be using 960M GPUs and so on in 2030, but it would have been nice to have warning or a bit more time! I’m only a few hours in to a round-the-world VFR tour!

I heard the 10 year thing. I also think but don’t know, windows 10 is supposed to be around for at least another 5 years or so. It’s sad, what happened to all and I am sure somehow down the road, I will be affected as well. I hope their is some light at end of tunnel.

I’m using 950m and I’m also affected. But truth be told, before starting up, the game informs me that I don’t meet minimum requirements, so I can’t really expect to get a refund. Do 960m owners also get this message? If not, then they should get a refund.


I am using the 960M and I am not seeking a refund. I just would like to have the functionality I had for the first 4 versions of the sim. I was satisfied with this. I don’t understand why we cannot use a previous version that was (for the most part) workable, especially for those of us who have to use our computers for other things beside gaming and can’t really afford to upgrade. As I indicated in a previous post I do not think it would be that difficult during the “check for updates” screen to scan the GPU and CPU and decide which version of MSFS2020 would be usable on that particular computer. If necessary we could indicate the version on a selection screen that would be “read” during this process.

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PS- I get the message also.