Intolerable flashing in top third of screen since update

I have an NVidia M2000M (similar to GTX 960M or 950M) and also suffer from this issue. The workaround to turn off clouds doesn’t always work for me. For example, in training lessons and the Halloween challenge, I can’t change the weather to clear sky!
The only workaround that works for me, is that whenever the screen flickers, I change the screen resolution to 640x480, press OK, Revert, Discard changes, return to game.
To further improve the game experience, I do the following:

  1. Follow the instructions in to reduce stuttering;
  2. Reduce the screen resolution to 1600x900 (from the native 1920x1080).
  3. Temporarily turn off VPN if it still stutters.

Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.

Voted already, but I’m not holding my breath…

Only clear sky after this way

Go to Nvidia control panel, switch off Ambient Occlusion.

Worked for me. Hope it works for you too

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I can’t believe it! After spending 120 euros and only two months, the MSFS2020 due to my gtx850m video card, which worked until the last update, is now obsolete and I have to fly cloudless and I cannot go back to the old version. Is this a scam or just plain incompetence?

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Where is Ambient Occlusion? I haven’t seen it yet, but only have a Gtx750ti

Edit: Found it. Default is off.

That got me thinking. Xplane had a public beta for 11.5 in parallel with 11.4, two separate installs.

The beta was for test only, if things went badly wrong tough, but the stable 11.42 was always available.

Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.

Actually X-Plane 11.5 release version let’s you switch between OpenGL grapics engine and Vulcan/Metal graphics engine. The reason being that older systems may not support Vulcan/Metal - or not run it very well - while newer systems benefit from the newer graphics engines.

If Asobo were to go a similar road, they could unleash the full visual power of MSFS (without worrying too much about lower end systems) making the high enders happy - while having a fall back for the low enders. And everyone would be all cozy and happy (hippiedance… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :grin:)

Anyways, don’t forget to VOTE on the Bring back Clouds issue - vote count is rising, so MAYBE we see an improvement…

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Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.

hi thanks for the contribution, deactivate ambient occlusion from nvidia control panel and from FS2020 and the same happens.

Same problem here. I was trying the landing activities and this happened. If I restart the landing activity several times, this issue disappears. The issue starts in the preloading screen and resumes into the actual flight. I thought maybe because of my computer specs but noticed this thread. Hope it gets fixed soon!

Unfortunately there is very little chance it will be fixed soon, because according to support those GPUs are too old to handle the new cloud rendering system. More than 15 people have received a similar response.

If you would like to help change their mind, I would recommend sending a Zendesk report, and to upvote this Wishlist thread.

After sending a complain to the zen desk I have received this answer :
Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator)

Nov 17, 2020, 17:05 GMT+1

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention.

This issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker to be fixed in an upcoming patch. Please keep an eye on our development updates & Patch Notes in the next weeks.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support

So We must keep faith in our good old laptops and their GTX 960M as well as others :smiley:


Thanks. Unfortunately someone received a slightly different response yesterday, which said:

“Our developers are aware of the issue, but we do not know if/when the flickering issue will be resolved.”

I would not remain so hopeful. Unfortunately the inconsistency in their responses is continuing.

They perhaps changed their mind today… let’s keep hope :wink: because honestly this is not only a cloud flickering issue, I have a dual white zone looking like front cockpit windows moving everywhere on the display while moving the POV. This is with the display’s parameters at the lower level possible. So for me it is a major display issue that MUST be fixed. I can understand a minimum level of hardware to play but not a major change like this from one day to another due to a simple patch. Everything was very correct at medium level display with the same hardware before the patch applied.

Ditto. I noticed the window zone yesterday - it was not cloud based, more like the entire sky visible through the windows. Weather was live but mostly clear.

From my development experience it could well be graphics code problem which they found.


I read with interest your advice because I have an insurmountable problem with FlightSimulator2020.

For several months, the game worked very well. No software or hardware problems, I can play without any problem in intermediate or high quality.

Following one of the latest updates, here’s what happened:

  • the presentation screens that were clicked on to launch the game have disappeared. At launch, after the different logos, the screen displays the Fuji image, the update searches and finally the game itself.

  • When I arrive on the game, I notice that the view of the hangar behind the menus appears in several off-set colors (a bit like on an image created for 3D glasses), it also sparkles. Then at the launch of a flight, the sky vibrates very loudly and on the landscape of the masks, (silhouettes of planes, ground-to-air boundaries) are cut out !

Impossible to play in these conditions!!

So I uninstalled the game, then I completely re-installed it: nothing!

It has even become worse, because now in addition to these display problems, training flights and bush flights display gray skylights and are therefore no longer activatable!

Taking my courage in both hands, I uninstalled the software a second time, reset window10 on the (C:) SSD drive and reinstalled FS2020 on a supposedly new basis.

Well, nothing has changed! All of the above errors are present!

And I’m good at reinstalling all other software on my drive!

Help me out!

What more can I do?

Thank you for helping me.

Best regards


Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50GHz
Installed RAM memory 16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable)
GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card

There is nothing you can do. With the patch, a new cloud rendering system was introduced which is incompatible with your GTX 780 Ti, as well as all GeForce 600/700/800 and some 900 series GPUs. Your GPU is now considered obsolete by the simulator, and according to support responses, it will probably remain unsupported. Only solution is to play with Clear Skies for now.

They also said that probability of this issue getting fixed depends on the amount of reports they receive about this issue. So if you’d like to help change their mind, send a Zendesk report for the issue, and please upvote the following threads I’m linking.

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