Invisible IVAO aircrafts after WU6

Hi guys, after World Update 6 I noticed that many IVAO aircraft are invisible! They are there (I can hear their pilots communicating with tower or on Unicom) but I can’t see them. Specifically, this issue affects A321s, B744s, B738s and maybe even some other models.
Have you experienced the same? Is there a way to solve the issue? Thanks

The same bug also in VATSIM using IVAO modelmatching.

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Same problemen, thought it was me.

same problem , maybe this problem occurred already after the SU5

Negative, after SU5 it was working correctly. WU6 provoked this issue.

Ok, i was not sure :wink:

I have heard from someone that he had the same problems with the Asobo generic jets so it seems to be a problem with gltf models in general.

Same problem here, with airline that use B738

Same for me. I’ve got the AI lights fix mod from flights but all I see are the lights, models have vanished.

Same here. Maybe it is some models problem because i don’t see any ground service after SU5. :confused:

Based on what i can see the planes like the 738 or 744 are giving an error message. The game is talking about a wrong node in the gltf hierarchy tree. It worked before WU6 but somehow MSFS doesn’t like the model file anymore.

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Noticed that also. Showing on vfr map but not seen in flight for example. Could it be related to lod not being set to 100? (Hotfix announced for thst)

IVAO AI models are a simpleFSX conversion, mostlikely they are not fully SDK compatible…


Well, my experience today, holding point Lesu, I saw landing traffic. Maybe because it is a G.A airplane?

Can confirm. They seem to be inserted (vPilot doesnt throw any “model corrupt”) error, just invisible. Thought I was going crazy already :smiley:

Same issue on my side. I can hear the other planes on airports, but can’t see them anymore. Only planes connected via MSFS or X-plane seems to be still visible, but pilots flying on P3D are totally invisible.

Did someone report it to Zendesk yet?
Here´s another issue related post:
Altitude MSFS - Some MTL not visible since latest World Update (
Today I saw a P3D AUA A320 but no P3D American Airlines B737-800 and no X-Plane AUA A320.

having the issue also with real life traffic - not only IVAO - aircrafts were much more visible and the beacons/Anti-collision lights were visible ~10 NM … now at 2-3 NM not even visible…

Same issue here. This, together with the missing lights bug, makes Vatsim/IVAO pretty much unusable for me at the moment - had to already abandon a flight on a busy airport due to this as it is impossible to taxi in the midst of invisible planes.

Hope these get fixed asap.

For the lights, you can solve with this fix.

It solves also with MP and Real Traffic AI.

For the invisible models, i hope a fix from ivao or msfs as soon as is possible.

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