IRIS Jabiru J160/J170 Discussion Thread

Just been reading about a bug intoduced in the last MSFS update where the flap lift has been DOUBLED. The temp fix suggested by Asobo is to halve a value in flight_model.cfg for the aircraft. But I can’t find this for the Jabiru. Please advise where this can be found.

I do believe you will find the cfg files in your Community folder under \iris-aircraft-jab\SimObjects\ in folders for the J160 and J170 respectively. Well that’s where they were in mine!

If bought it from the marketplace the flight_model.cfg does not exist, it is an encrypted file with a different name.
In that case parked it in the hangar until the next sim patch.

Thanks. That’s a bummer. I’ll just have to that or do without flaps for now.

Unlike things like the TBM, I am not really seeing any serious issues flying and landing the Jabiru post patch. Maybe a touch more floaty but nothing you cannot adjust for on the fly.

I haven’t even tried the TBM… The Caravan is pretty disastrous. But yeah, I find with other aircraft, and even the Caravan, I can plan far ahead and it’s still doable.

Both TBM and Caravan have mods that improve them and their authors already provided a fix. Mods for the default planes is the way to go.

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Ironically with the Caravan it still lands OK with flaps so long as you knock 10 or 15 knots off your old approach speed. Flapless landings are a bit out the window though.

The Jabiru flies OK it is just different - and it’s not as if the stall speeds etc were study level POH accurate in the first place, “roughly in the ball park” and close enough was more how you would describe it .

Checking in to see if the Feb update is coming in February? :innocent:


I just searched this thread for this very reason! Where’s the Feb update? Looking forward to not having to squint my right eye to use mouse in VR!

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Here inquiring about the February update as well, and prior comments concerning adjusting the VS in autopilot mode (J170).

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My guess is the flaps bug and hotfix have caused some delays but hopefully Iris will give us an heads up on when we can expect it.

WRT the autopilot, using the mouse scroll wheel to increase VS works for me, but 2 seconds is not a lot of time to hover over the correct button and start scrolling and if you are too slow it turns off again. Whilst 2 seconds is probably plenty of time in a real aircraft, using a mouse can take substantially longer than just turning a knob.

From the Iris Simulation Facebook page…

"Wondering where the next Jabiru update is?! So are we! :slight_smile:

We’re working hard to bring this out to you, and though it was scheduled for Feb, with the new hotfix that just dropped for MSFS and the upcoming Sim Update III scheduled soon, we felt it was best to make sure we thoroughly tested the update on the new Sim Update build.

As a marketplace partner, we’ve been given early access to the next Sim Update III, and will be testing the Jabiru in it over the weekend. Once we’ve confirmed that it’s stable in the new build, we’ll release it to the customers (ideally next week).

I apologise for the delay in pushing this out, however we wanted to make sure it worked on the new sim build first prior to launch.


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Hi -
My sim recently began running rough and I wanted to make sure my jabiru didnt have anything to do with it so I uninstalled it through the content manager and now I have the same issue as this guy here

It shows as installed and up to date but with no version number even though its not installed at all. The “Delete” button shows 0KB to delete.
How can I reinstall my Jabiru?
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately with the latest update max flaps are unusable and make the 170 sink out of the sky.


Not just the Jabiru, it is effecting flaps on a lot of different aircraft. The Carenado planes are just one other example of aircraft with flap issues after this patch.

Annoying as the flaps only just got fixed.

Foe me also, full flaps…plane plunges to the ground…

Yup. Jabiru just became a casualty of the Update. Too bad. David had a new release scheduled for this week. I wonder if this will affect it.

All good, the new FDE was built up on Sim Update 3. :slight_smile: Still on track for release this week


Sweet! I take it this will fix the Flaps of Doom?