Is anyone able to undock windows without a FPS impact?

Is anyone able to undock the ATC or any other window without dramatically impacting FPS?

I’ve logged the issue I’m having here, but would love to know if anyone is NOT suffering from this in hopes I can figure out a workaround or a solution.

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Is it dramatically affecting FPS or is it dramatically affecting the FPS counter? There is a big difference and plenty of people here have confused what the FPS is actually reporting.

Undocking mine just affects some FPS counters. There is no noticeable drop in FPS. Indeed, some counters tell me I get double the FPS. Which is of course, rubbish.

I undock windows for my cockpit setup. It’s gotten much better than it used to be in terms of fps drop.

Like @Yuudai5178 mentioned, depending on what fps counter you’re using, it may not be accurate. Some 3rd party ones will report a large drop even though there isn’t anything significant. The in-game, XBOX Game Bar, and Steam fps counters are accurate though.

If you’re using one of those accurate counters and do see a large frame drop, ensure you didn’t use the fix in the thread below. While in normal circumstances, this can help smooth out frame rates, it wreaks havoc on frame rates when panels and instruments are popped out. Particularly when moved to monitors of different resolution from the main sim monitor.

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No, there are more people reporting this:

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Simply undocking a window has caused a significant performance hit since at least January. I reported the issue back then, but it was probably apparent before then as well. I guess I have to repost the same thread again because the threads get locked after 30 days even though the bugs in this game don’t magically disappear after 30 days…

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So everyone is suffering from this?

Is this just recently become a problem or it’s always been a problem?

I could swear I never noticed an FPS drop when undocking windows back in Dec. but maybe it was there and I never clued in.

I’m pretty sure it’s the UI library they’re using. It’s either junk, or they’re not using it properly. So it should affect everyone.

I built my machine in December, and have always seen the issue. It’s possible an update in December is when the problem was introduced.

I don’t think that feature was available on the Alpha builds, or I didn’t notice the FPS drop if it was back then on my antiquated build.

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Man this software is rubbish!

Strangely I recall back in Dec that the Afterburner counter was not accurate… as it would increase based on the number of screens you undocked. Now, the Afterburner OSD counter is accurate. It doesn’t appear on each pop out screen and it remains accurate on the main display - it’s the same as the dev mode counter. I wonder what’s changed in that regard?

Yeah, that was very misleading for most. Depending on whether you undocked panels or instruments, it would behave differently as well.

I don’t use it myself. Steam counter has always matched up to the dev mode one, and I have the enabled for all my Steam games.

If you are undocking windows be sure that Max Frame Rate is Off in Nvidia control panel. I found that somewhere else on this forum. It helped. I still lose some FPS but not as bad now.

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Correct. Also don’t use vsync in sim.

You mean don’t use vsync at all? Or set vsync elsewhere, like in the Nvidia control panel? I get terrible tearing with it off, and it doesn’t seem to matter where I set it. Undocking still halves the framerate.

Does anyone know if this issue is on Asobo’s bug list? I’m surprised it’s not gotten more attention. It seems to be the single biggest performance killer and I have to think a lot of simmers have 2nd monitors for pop-out windows.

I use no v synch at all. No matter what I set it at in the sim, it drops my frame rate down to below 20. If I limit frames in nVidia Control Panel, I lose frames in sim as well.

I don’t see any tearing, but perhaps that’s due to my freesynch monitor.

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