Is anyone really happy with 30FPS?

After I upgraded my monitor to 4k I found I needed to VSync my frame rate to 30FPS. Without capping, the framerate would fluctuate between 30 and 40, but this fluctuation causes jerkyness, and keeping it to a stable 30 produces a much smoother experience. It’s fine when looking into the distance, but when looking at closer objects, especially looking down and/or zooming in, the video is really juddery.

This wouldn’t normally bother me, but a lot of commentators (and people on this forum) have said that, as this is not a game, 30FPS is perfectly acceptable. But 60FPS feels like it should be the target framerate, not 30.


60fps is possible with good hardware and close to ultra settings. Of course depends a bit on the circumstances (aircraft, scenery). In most scenarios I’m getting around 60fps in 4k on a 2080Ti. Off course on flat screen. VR is another discussion.
4k is hard…


Happy is a big word, but giving the circumstances it’s more than acceptable. Of course I would rather have 60 fps. But 4k 60 fps gaming on a 1080ti is a stretch anyway, let alone MSFS.

For now I’m ‘happy’ with it.


to be fair, 30FPS with MSFS is more than enough. I see alot of people capping at 30FPS.


Correct. You need 60 for a perfectly smooth experience. I have reduced various settings to be able to run MSFS at a constant 60fps, but IMO that’s only required for VFR flying, sightseeing and aerobatics.

Flying airliners and/or IFR, 30 is sufficient without being an immersion killer.


I think people worry too much about FPS. I stopped caring about frame rates when those microstutters were indroduced a few updates back (thankfully that has been mostly fixed). Personally my objective is to have a stutter free experience. High frame rates are a secondary objective. Yes, 60 FPS is better than 30 FPS, but 30 FPS without random stutters is better than a 60 FPS stutterfest.


Yes, with my aged 1080Ti, the only way I can get 60FPS in 4k is to set graphics to Low. No other graphics settings will increase FPS to 60, and even if I could get 55FPS, this would not be smooth as I can only VSync to 30 or 60, nothing in between.

Yes, I thought this would be the card I would need!

I´m using limited FPS @33 (at nvidia control panel) and GSync and when and when achieved I am very happy with it. My settings are all near ultra, 120% resolution scale (but with 3x27" nvidia sorround). Since the last updates and only with FBW A320NX I notice a drop in large airports (unfortunately down to 22 - 25 fps) but I can live with that ( my LOD setting is set to 3.5, and object LOD to 7.5 → usercfg., maybe I should mention this, so anyway a good result)
GeForce 3090 RTX, Core I9 10940X@4.5 Ghz, 64GB RAM !

Interesting, you would rather have 33FPS with 3 screens than 60FPS with one or two?

I have not-so-micro stutters even at 55 to 60 FPS when running 70% render scale using an RX6900 XT. This only resolves when going down to 60% render scale. At 100% render scale (5K display) I still have 35 FPS but the stutter when looking down to the terrain is hard to cope with.

30fps gives me the best experience overall. I can’t hit 60 with my current videocard @1440p and the settings I have. Un-capped I am still getting stutttering with Track IR

30fps really knocks down the stuttering, and I get an enjoyable experience for the type of Flying I enjoy, which is mostly bush type, or short flight IFR sub 12K.

The cap @ 30 gives me some margin for burst loading on the GPU.

Glad it’s not just me and my config then, there are so many times you want to look immediately below, especially on bush trips and discovery flights.

so when I reach 33 fps or above, it runs almost completely smoothly for me (of course there are sporadic reload jerks) and it also looks great - I’ve been using a multi-monitor setup for years (for a very long time) and wouldn’t have to do without it. of course I also use it for racing sims and it’s much better than a “single monitor” solution and of course I’d also like to have 60 fps here with MSFS, but unfortunately that will take a while.

Stutters only occur once a minute or so don’t they? Whereas the juddering when looking at close objects at 30FPS is constant and irritating.

I noticed my Steam FPS counter disappeared this weekend when I was msfs’ing. I did not turn it off!!!

MSFS doesn’t need high frame rates. But in saying that I find at 30 fps I see a lot of stuttering. I use a very wide screen on 5120 x 1440. The update is only 2-3 times per second, which is far from 30 fps. On 60 fps the stuttering is much less visible. 60 fps looks like what you would expect from 30 fps.

Well for me, the stutters have mostly gone, probably since around WU5 or so. I still get the odd few, but that’s usually when I’m approaching a built up area with a lot of autogen or photogrammetry. I can cope with that easily, because once it’s loaded in, it’s fine. But before WU5 there was an issue in multiplayer where if you were in close proximity to someone using a custom livery that you didn’t own, youd get a stutter every second or so. It made appraoches unflyable and being at an airport extremely unpleasant.

yes I think it has something to do with Live Weather or Traffic, but also not always - since WU6 hotfix it is no longer noticeable to me, but it was earlier also not with every flight the case, must still observe it. as I said in flight I have always 33FPS no matter where and when, only if I am landing on some airports the fps are going down (which means stuttering with TrackIR), but yes these are my settings and the density of the scenery, and as I said, can live with this situation at the moment, maybe DX12 bring an improvement !

I have a 32" 4K monitor, RTX2060. I run mostly High end but with 200 LOD on terrain and objects, Ultra on trees. I fly GA “low & slow” (Beech Bonanza) and I typically get 25-ish FPS. But the IQ is fantastic and I almost never get stutters.

And I love it.

To each his own.

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You need G-Sync. This is exactly the type of scenario where it comes in to play!

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