Is everyone ok with being ripped off?

I’ve just got done reading all the previous threads on the forum about people that bought the deluxe / premium deluxe verisons of the game through the in-game marketplace only to find that they can no longer play the game they paid over $100 for without an ongoing game pass subscription. That means you need to fork out $120 per year to play a game you already paid for.

The solution seems to be to just re-buy the game? How are people ok with this? The original text before Asobo sneakily updated it implied that buying through the market place includes the base game. The price parity between the deluxe edition on the xbox store and the deluxe edition on the market place supports that.

I don’t know if this is common in the US but I live in the EU and we have very strong consumer rights to prevent this kind of extortion and I’ll be making a complaint to my local agency. I would urge everyone else affected by this issue to do the same, even just a false advertising complaint. If we let this kind of behaviour slide it will become the norm.




And where are your sources on this information?

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I have no such problem.
I bought the whole she-bang direct from Microsoft.
Got what I paid for.
Sounds like you got “Steamed.”


Yep completely fine if you buy through the Xbox store. If you buy through the flight simulator store for the same price you get ripped off. I can’t post links to the other threads but if you search ‘game pass deluxe’ you will find them.

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It’s also completely fine if you buy the full package on Steam. I did, and no subscriptions needed.

It’s only people who go for the free gamepass version, and then purchase the ‘expansion’ from the in-game store who run into this.


So, someone reads already-existing threads on a subject, and then signs up to the forum to start a new one on exactly the same thing. Why?

Because the conclusions of those threads were “Welp, silly me, I guess I’ll just go and pay another $50” when there are things people can do. There are laws to prevent this kind of false advertising.


Reading is always a good idea


The market place items explicitly use the words ‘Upgrade’ and the phrase
‘DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR BASE GAME. This upgrade pack requires a separate purchase of Microsoft Flight Simulator’.

The reason the Premium & Premium Deluxe versions are cheaper on the Microsoft/Steam stores than they are through the in-game market place is that they are a bundled deal. You get Base Game + Upgrade at a reduced cost for buying it all at once. If you buy the upgrade through the in-game store, you are not getting a bundle discount.

If you purchased an ‘upgrade’ from the in-game marketplace believing it was the full version, you can try contacting Xbox support to ask for a refund. Explain that you thought you were buying the full version and that you would like a refund so you can buy the full version from the Microsoft Store.

As no one on the forums can help you with this request, and we already have open topics on this issue I will be closing this topic.

Closed as Duplicate.