Is GSX Pro still useful for MSFS?

Why don’t you start the apu instead problem solved

If the airport scenery doesn’t have properly designed or defined roadways (not all do) then the services can take a long time to arrive. Use the ‘fast vehicles’ option (not sure if that’s the actual option name, as not at PC) to make them arrive quicker.

I always connect with GPU since it takes some time esp. with boarding and I want to save the battery. Nevertheless, I expect it to work out.

It was at Heathrow this time.

It’s up to the scenery designers to implement, and a lot of them don’t add the roadways for service vehicles. In that case GSX tries to guess where they should drive from and it’s often quite far from the gate you are at.

The option is called ‘Speed up far vehicles’ in the GSX settings and helps reduce waiting times a lot. (I grabbed the screenshot from the manual, so might be slightly different on latest version):

The feature is described on page 31 of the manual. You can access the manual using the FSDT Installer app, via the ‘Manual’ button on the GSX Pro row.

THX. I will speed them up.

I already speed up.

And now there is infinite loading although it worked at the beginning at PANC (Alaska). Starting the couatl helps not. It still loads endless.