Is it normal that the Cub Crafter X Cub - Floats can't steer on ground?

Water rudder are ineffective. If you try to start a turn and lower/raise the water rudder while keeping the rudder applied, you can see that it make no difference in turn radius, indipendently of your speed and pitch attitude.
The fact that the aircraft turn better when an amount of thrust is applied is due to the effect of the propwash on the tail rudder.

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Yes. I think it very cheeky of MSFS to advertise ! WATER. The water rudders should be working before making this sort of sales claim.

Agreed. They should work. However, Water rudders are just one feature of many that do not work. I do not think anyone ever tested the XCub Float version properly. Compared to… (sorry for mentioning this)… X-Plane Aircraft models, MSFS (in my book) gets a 5 out of 10. The Model Developers have a long way to go before I buy anything I have to pay for.

I am having the same issue, have flown both the C172 and the Savage Cub and both are un-steerable when taxing on land or water. While on water, the rudder deflects to the right and stays deflected and impossible to steer or dock up. Been this way since launch. I have no add on float aircraft so it’s an issue with the .cfg itself. This is done through the Xbox controller with reset points.

I notice the contact points are in the flight_model.cfg rather than the aircraft.cfg. Tried your contact points in both files but still had no ground steering in the XCub float plane.

Thanks for spotting the .cfg name error, I’ve edited my post now.
Did you copy and paste the entire [CONTACT_POINTS] section into the XCub floats flight_model.cfg?

Thanks. Tried it again and had success this time. Don’t know what I stuffed up the 1st time.

Read a pilots review of the cub crafter float plane today and it mentioned that there was noticable pitch change when selecting flaps. So while I was looking at the flightmodel.cfg I looked at the “lift_coef_flaps” which was set to virtually nothing at 0.0604, so increased it to 0.5604 (which I got from the default Icon A5). Gives a more realistic angle of attack once flaps are out, and a pitch up on extension that you would expect on an aircraft like this. The Asobo had no change at all on flap extension, which is not surprising given the low values of the default setting.

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That’s good to know, I’ve edited mine now as well - thanks for the tip!

Thank you GBTAW. They are WAY WAY too sensitive, but it does give me a starting point on tweaking them a bit more realistic!.


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Thank you, this makes these two aircraft usable on the water… May be a little too aggressive on the turning radius but I’ll take it. You wouldn’t happen to have a fix for the Savage shock ultra with floats would you? I don’t even see that it has a flight model config file in it’s folder.

Thanks again for the fix/bandaid!

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Thank you for the tip !

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THANK YOU so much! This has done a great job and makes taxying on floats a joy again! It also took me a couple of attempts… thanks again.

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Sorry I can’t do anything for the Premium Deluxe aircraft because, as you’ve seen, they don’t have editable config files.

Ah, well, thanks anyway for the other 2 fixes, they are at least capable of doing confined space landings and take offs, without using slew mode. Appreciate it

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I really want to implement this but I’m clueless lol. How do i use this to make the C172 water rudder work?

Copy and paste each section over the existing section in the flight_tuning.cfg file of each aircraft. Make sure you back up the file before editing it.

Please watch this video and notice his 360 which is performed on a sixpence/dime. Seaplane landing and taxiing into Wrangell Alaska harbor - YouTube (2:40) The docking at the end is perfect too. Please don’t try this in MSFS!

Now I can enjoy float planes again! Weekend Off in Ketchikan - YouTube

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