Is MSFS intended to be a simulator or a game?

I don’t mean to be disrespectful but everybody I know and like to simulate, not just fly away, is disappointed and sad about MSFS. Some are not flying anymore, others migrated back to previous simulators and others are still trying to open the simulator since SU5.

Basic things like
. working flight plan so we can program a FMS that follows the route
. being able to edit IAC procedures on FMS
. replay function
. runways without buildings or power line towers in the way

are being requested since nearly day one of MSFS lunch and are being ignored.

Now we also have to ask for
. at least old graphics quality because a lot of us had a downgrade on quality even with more FPS
. working HDG button because now we can only fly A320 on manage or manual mode. Selected is not working.
. fix CTDs because a lot of people, like me, didn’t have any CTDs but now, we have a lot.

So, I would really like to know: will we have a flight simulator or a game and near future?


Its a flight simulator because it does what happens when someone fliers a aircraft. Not everything works but in time it will. People are returning to previous sims because the aircrafts work better. A game is more where one starts at one level to get to higher goals


To the extent this is a meaningful distinction, it’s both.


They sold it as a sim but have now downgraded it to a barely usable, barely viewable game, graphics wise in order to bring it to Xbox…


Right now it’s more of a game than a Sim

I hope that gets better, but I worry about it for sure.


None of both, it is actually meant as a course “How To Deal With Disappointment” :rofl:


I also thought it was bad, in addition to worsening the horrible graphics, we didn’t have DX12, a lot of dirty.


let’s think about pc , and improve sdk.


Jorg has said it was a product for entertainment, so you have your answer :wink:
But more seriously, a flight simulator can also be a game (and FS has always been). the only change is game aspect has now take the priority but we will have both, we need to be patient (and they need to focus on zendesk instead of their market)

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I would class MSFS as a game, Xplane I class as simulator as its the only sim software which is certified by the FAA for crew training purposes and meets all instructor station requirements. Most proffesional motion simulators will as a 1st preference use Xplane, 2nd would be P3d , Redbird and Frasca use P3d Proffesional version

MSFS is one year old. Other simulators like X-Plane are based on older versions (more then 10 years old). Some important features are missing, but Asobo is really working hard on introducing them. MSFS can be treated as game and as a simulator. Just imagine what this application is capable of in a couple of years. If you want to have a finished simulator go play FSX, Xplane etc…


For sure, we need some more attention by MS, I understand the priority for XBOX users, but we are simmers and love to use this fantastic scenarios for flight! It was little bit frustrating from one day to other, lot of points not working properly.!


Do you think MSFS has been done from scratch ? it is based on FSX code, it is not a new product, “just” a new release of an existing one (but with a totally new team).

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It is both, depending on how you use it. For me it’s a simulator since I fly as realistic as possible with Vatsim and Ivao. For someone else it may be just a game where they just fly around crashing into buildings and trying to go space with a 747. And there’s nothing wrong with both approaches to Fs2020.

But what I believe should happen is that there should be separate versions for PC and XBOX. This would sort out a lot of issues (current and future). Or, if not that, PC users should be given ABSOLUTE control of Graphics quality and performance. PC users should be able to balance out performance vs visual quality. If I want to crank up my visual to 1000% i should be able to do so because I know my PC can handle it.

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Where do you get that information from? As far as i know it is totally made from scratch. Prepear3D is based on the FSX code. Just compare those two.


I worry about this simulator on a couple of levels.

My experience with the XBox crowd is they like/want/need FPS, RPG, or some other kind of action game with scores. They want to be able to get together on MMO either RPG or, again, FPS. This simulator delivers, potentially, MMO but with no score.

I can see some XBox players buying this and being happy enough. However, I can also see more buying it, finding out how hard it is to fly something, getting all p!$$ed off and taking to social media convincing others not to bother with MSFS 2020 because it “doesn’t play well.” That’s my first concern - people telling others how bad the “game” is.

According to a graphics put out in December last year Asobo/Microsoft claimed they had over 2,000,000 pilots. These were all computer users at that point. It’s been another seven months since then and the numbers of computer users must have increased at least somewhat. Okay, so Asobo/Microsoft made all this money that will never be refunded. However, all business models tell us that, to be a successful business, one MUST rely on repeat customers. In this case the “repeat” part would be the buying of addons from the official marketplace. Asobo/Microsoft may not make 100% of the selling price from third-party developers but whatever they get is pretty much 100% profit. What does it cost to post a few pretty pictures and a bit of text?

And that leads to my second concern: With Asobo/Microsoft catering to the XBox crowd by lowering the quality of the sim will they lose the computer crowd? If, as I said above, the XBox folks leave or don’t buy at all, and the computer folks leave and the sales fall off in the marketplace then the cost of developing this sim will start to outstrip the income and, well, we all know what happens after that.

I’m praying to all the gods that I’m blowing smoke out my, umm, hat, and that all becomes wine and roses and a great time is had by all. Only time will tell.


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you are totally right. The way we use a software (and ways it is offering) defines it.


In my opinion, the problem is not the age of the simulator but the priorities of MS and Asobo and for sure the priorities are not the problems mentioned in this post that would increase the simulation experience.

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I agree Xplane and P3D are way ahead because the aircraft is stable and using functional PFD and MFD on other monitors. But we have 9 more years for MSFS project to complete, right. I actually did not know it was a 10 year project, probably would have just skipped it.

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made from scratch ?? no. the graphical engine yes of course, the engine is from fsx. navigation, flight plan planning, autopilot, atc, all the system of bgl files etc come from fsx (and the SDK show it too). Don’t watch only what you see.
Ask to people having access to code, like matt for example, he will say to you how many part of fsx code is in this product (Or source the code and you will see).
(P3D is based on ESP SDK)

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