Is there a good mesh for the Alps?

Hi there!
I just got the HPG H145 (and action pack). And I can’t stop flying it, mainly on these HEMS missions, and mainly in the Alps.
The sim looks nice, but the mesh could be better. I used to fly in Frank Dainese’s mountain sceneries in XP11, for those of you who know these excellent sceneries… :wink:
Is there any good (payware) mesh for the Alps?
Thanks a lot in advance for your input!

Maybe this could help you.


That sounds promising. Do you still know the name of the file on

You mentioned looking for payware. There is a mesh product for Switzerland from FSDreamTeam, but it was well-hated when it came out because it had really bad performance. I don’t know how it is now, especially since the sim has better performance than when this product was released.
It’s available on the Marketplace.


I think I’ve seen that. But yeah, since performance is pretty critical, especially wheb flying helis, it shouldn’t be too hard on the frames.
Thx a lot for your answer.