Is there a mod on xbox to fix these terrible rivers tsunami?

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Where is this picture taken?

Amazon South America

Might want to narrow that down some.

A lat/long, maybe an image from LNM showing the location affected as well.

The same isse Africa Kongo river

This is all along big rivers in americas and africa. I wonder if i.e. Enhanced Photogrametry addon is able to solve it… :thinking:

Since you are on the Xbox the answer is almost certainly no, unless it’s on the Marketplace. You might find mods that get included as part of an airport scenery, but it would probably need to be quite close to one of those rivers, and perhaps not even then.

FYI, corresponding bug topic:

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Call me crazy, but i think I’d enjoy some river dynamics like that from time to time.

These waves are static ridges along rivers shores, not dynamic at all.