Is there a way to get night time sky darker?

Is there a way to get night time sky and ground darker? Even when there is no moon out I can see the ground fairly easily and the night sky is a twilight shade of lighter blue. Other sims have a gamma slider that allows for global light/dark adjustments.
Using Rift cv1 OLED

This question always pops up around full moon.


OK then I’ll wait…but I don’t seem to recall a moonless night being much darker?
BTW, when changing time of day is there the ability to change seasons or is that hard coded into the sim to change by hemispheres?

You could try adding a thick overcast layer above your flight level.

Unfortunately light pollution is very common in huge residential areas due to the commercial zones unless you fly in an area that is not heavily polluted with lights try Northern Pennsylvania flying or around the Ocracoke island area of North Carolina at night

Thanks to all for the follow-up, I see there’s nothing to be done.

i dont have vr, but my geforce experience allows me to set color profiles, more contrast, tint vibrancy etc, don’t know if this is relevant

i make a lot of screen shots and nvidia has built in filters like "detail’ this makes the nightsky look like early in the morning instead of just dark.
you maybe running a filter on your rift ?

Within MSFS, I don’t think so, but there is a small program called “Gamma Panel” where you can create profiles with key shortcuts. I use it for daylight because I always found MSFS too dark by day and too bright at night.
ScreenHunter_819 May. 25 07.49

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Unfortunately VR devices pay no attention to graphic card or monitor settings except what’s built directly into the sim.

That’s crazy I find the overall sim image in VR and 2D far too bright during daytime hours.
So bright it makes the terrain look washed out

Yeah me too, if you look at the mirror on the monitor you can see what it should look like. I noticed it in distant clouds, they have no fidelity in VR and look washed out and bright.

Hopefully it’s one of the areas Asobo will look at this year, think there’s already a wish list item for better contrast/saturation levels and such.

I’m certain you can’t darken the sky with any game setting, but related to it, here are 4 bugs about night lighting you might want to check out to see if you agree with:

Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions - #1117 by CptLucky8

[BUG/FEATURE] Provide Color Space, Tone Mapping, CAS Shader Strength and post-processing effects controls in VR

[BUG] Ambient Night Lighting illuminating more than a full moon

Night Lighting - Sunlight Glowing Over Horizon At Midnight

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I find the opposite, daylight flying in Rift is very rich in color, almost too rich in certain areas.

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