Night Lighting - Sunlight Glowing Over Horizon At Midnight

I realize the night lighting is far more revolutionary than this simulator’s predecessors, but I note an atmospheric issue with sunlight at night…

This screenshot below was taken at midnight local, mid-October, over Vancouver, facing North…where in a perfect world there should be absolutely no light visible on the horizon, it still looks like the sun just barely set an hour ago to the north

And yes, it moves with the sun, so this halo is definitely related to the sun’s position (3AM screenshot):

Does anyone else have this issue? Observed anything similar?

The sun never fully sets and it never gets fully dark. Noticed while flying at FL340 at 10 pm. Moved the time slider to 1 am, and it still showed a partial sunset. Using Live Weather.

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What was your latitude?

Are you far north, like in Scandinavia? It’s the middle of summer, so the sun doesn’t fully set some places irl. Change the date to winter if you want it to be very dark

Yep, had this issue as well. For anyone reading, It’ll be best to report a Zendesk bug (the more the better) to prioritize this.

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Flying down the East Coast of the US.

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Sky should be fully dark at the latitude i was flying. East Coast USA

Yup that should definitely be pitch black.

Noticed this as well, sent a bug report.


One more over Toronto. It’s like the world is in a constant state of twilight:

This has been there since launch… I’ve seen it for a long time. I’m hoping the night light fixes will take care of this

Yes I get it too. Never fully dark

same here… I do wonder if its due to the time and where you are in the world rem that is a few thousand miles away. if your flying at midnight and 30k+ alt you could see daylight somewhere around 6k miles away

Bumping this again, since the night lighting has been updated yet this issue still hasn’t been addressed:

This is 3 hours after sunset in Minsk, and it should be pitch black:

How is this not being addressed? What’s causing this?

Still an issue in the US. Seen it multiple times this week. Orange haze remains in the horizon indefinitely.

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I am really surprised more people haven’t talked about this. I sent a ticket to zendesk a while back and got a response that it would be added to backlog. Really hoping someone can come up with a texture replacement in the meantime

Changed the topic to the active bug forums. Not sure how to label this other than: Atmospheric Night Lighting Needs Improvement

Yea I’ve been noticing it too, it doesn’t seem like they even acknowledge it right now, hope this gets fixed because it’s real annoying.

I noticed this too when flying from Toronto to Chicago yesterday.

Noticed the same today. Should be definetly pitch black.