FS2020 too bright at night?

Hi, at night time I think it’s too bright, I can see for miles with no problem, it’s like it’s day time but with a darker sky. I know in urban areas the light affects the atmosphere, but I’ve seen other videos of people flying at night in the city and it’s almost pitch black with all the city light below.

In IRL, I’ve taken off from Dublin at night and it was almost pitch black, but with some lights in the distance. Do I have some kind of setting wrong for brightness, does anyone know? Thanks.


The only setting that might be incorrect would be perhaps the brightness/contrast setting on your monitor.

As far as brightness at night, it really depends on cloud coverage and the phase of the moon. When it’s a full moon, it can almost seem like daylight outside. It can also depend on the sensitivity of your own eyes, as well as the light pollution around you and how long your eyes have had to adjust to the darkness.

That’s why lighting is often red in the cockpit, as red wavelengths don’t cause your IRIS to expand as much as other wavelengths. Typically before I go flying at night, I’ll give my eyes a few minutes to adjust to the darkness, and keep the lighting in the cockpit as low as I can while still being able to read the gauges.

It’s also a good idea to only use the 1st level of brightness when clicking on the runway lights when they’re off (I could swear FS used to allow you to do that, too, I miss having comms for multiplayer built into the game)… eek, I was flying into KCON at night, and those strobes on the approach on the top setting were killing my eyes! I was glad when I got past them and could see the runway again :slight_smile:


There is a topics about this albeit initially pertaining more to VR:
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And this one about the red horizon:
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There is also another night lighting issues discussion pertaining to light bulbs and road lights mostly you might want to consider:
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I am actually pretty ok with the night lighting at this time in the sim. The only weird thing is, it never seems to get truly pitch black out. Like there is always a red glow from wherever the sun is on the horizon. I really wish that would go away.


Check if you had a full moon

Night lightning is finally much better. Please keep it as is, Asobo.

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Finally, a sim that makes you see anything at all, - night-time ! SO - please keep it as it is. There will most likely come along mods offering you to make it pitch black, if you should prefer :smile:

The full moon lit up the whole southern part of Norway the other evening with snow covers setting the scene. It was beautiful! For years I have begged X Plane to offer me the same…

Happy flying!

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I’ll check my monitor, I find it weird that in IRL it’s you can hardly see anything at night. But Yes, in previous sims you couldn’t see anything at all at night, which I think is more realistic. But it does depend how much cloud and the moon ect. I’ll try doing more night flights in different areas with different conditions. :slight_smile:

This has been previously discussed to no end.
Something like this issue is highly subjective.
Amongst all the other issues I see this one is far from top priority for a change.
In fact I think night lighting suits me just fine.


I agree, I fly a lot at night and the most noticeable effect is around big cities, almost a glow from miles away and when there’s a full moon, it’s very apparent.


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