[BUG] Ambient Night Lighting illuminating more than a full moon

Brief description of the issue:

With FS2020 update 6 in VR, the ambient illumination level at night was really good. However:

  • With update 7 is has became too bright to the point I have to reduce the Valve Index headset luminosity to 65% in order to get similar levels as in update 6

  • With FS2020 sim update 2 and the official VR release, it is similar to update 7 and therefore it is too bright.

I believe Sebastian was saying in one of the latest Q&A video FS2020 is using a different tone mapping for night otherwise it would be so dark we wouldn’t see anything.

However it might just be overcompensating too much and this might be an overall problem with tone mapping including during daylight: Implement a metering system better suited for VR

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