Night Lighting - Sunlight Glowing Over Horizon At Midnight

Hey there. Thanks for bumping and posting. Made sure test team is aware and filed a report.


Thanks I created a report directly for the test team to investigate.


The night lighting was far more revolutionary with this simulator’s predecessors versions (until August 22nd) IMHO.

Anyhow, there is also another night lighting issues discussion pertaining to light bulbs and road lights mostly you might want to vote for:
Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions

And a few more pertaining to VR:
Ambient Night Lighting illuminating more than a full moon

Yeah Flying here in Sweden/Norway above the Arctic Circle in night now dec/Jan. Its so dark it can be in reality.
But in sim it is light in horizon. It is so strange.

This really needs to be fixed it is ridiculous to have this glowing horizon way after sunset. This 930pm local time. Sunset time a good 4 hours ago


If you’re looking for a compromise, you can use Nvidia Freestyle to dial back some of the brightness, contrast, gamma, curves and some other things to improve overall lighting in general, including that annoying orange glow.

On a side note, keep in mind that it can be pretty bright at night if the moon is out- even if it’s not full. So, I think the sim handles that part of the night lighting well. It’s this orange glow that needs to be dialed back, along with some work on the city textures and airport lighting from high altitudes and distances too.

I don’t believe I have a solve for your question, but related to it, here are bugs about night lighting you might want to check out to see if you agree with:

Ambient Night Lighting illuminating more than a full moon
Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR
Increase distance threshold to see other aircraft navigation and strobe lights at night

Bumping to keep open; issue still not resolved.

Can you please give us an update regarding this issue @RoyalTot ?

It appears that when reproduced- this was not an issue and horizon line disappeared in relation to are and time accurately.

Basic astronomy would dictate this to be accurate only while the sun is less than 18 degrees below the horizon. The glow in the sim lasts well beyond the time that happens.

Was this recreated at high altitudes? This issue is far more prevalent at FL430 than at sea level, and this behaviour is 100% recreatable.

I’ve also noticed that it only happens when you set the month from march-October and november-february it doesn’t happen, which is weird because it has been happening through when it was winter in real life, what the hell is asobo doing??

I don’t see it anymore… this is above the Caspian Sea at around 21:35 local time there

I hope its a “reinstallation should fix it” kind of thing, I’ll try reinstalling tomorrow.

This is Kiruna in Sweden Above the North Arctic Circle.
Date 20 dec 2020 (darkest day in year) clock 00:00
Here the sun not goes up at all daytime this time in year.

So it cant be darker than that. Darkest day and middle night
But in MSFS2020 so I can still see the glow direction south
First picture is from 10000 feet

Last picture is from 43000 feet

But most often i see the glow west from me. When flying middle Sweden. (Kiruna is north in Sweden)
When I did the test i use the Slew function “F1 F4” and manually changed the time and date

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Ok I have searched through this forum, but didnt get my question answered. My Simulator never gets really dark. It seems it is stuck at dawn/Sunset. Always the orange belt on the Horizon. Is it already reported to ASOBO or is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions to terminate it. It is no fun flying at night. I do not talk about the bright night sky, that is ugly either, but about the never ending Sunset.

I’ve flown late afternoon (still full sunlight) into darkness flights all the time. The sun not only sets but you get a nice dusk transition then into total darkness by the time I’m at destination. I just flew one last night into KMTP. It was really almost dark before I crossed the threshold. By the time I’m at the end of the runway, total darkness to the point where inadequate field lighting and my own pitiful landing lights caused me to run over the tug driver on the ramp.


Make sure you didn’t set a specific time in the weather/time dialog – when you do that it sticks within a few seconds of that time for your entire flight, as I recall, so won’t progress through a sunrise or sunset.

I second you, the sim don’t have dark nights.
The bright night sky for me is the worst.

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