Is there a way to save and re-load flight plans?

I can’t seem to find a conclusive answer. I’m flying primarily the CRJ, IFR. Is there a way to save and re-load flight plans? If not the CRJ, then for the stock CJ4 that comes with the sim?

Develop your plan on the world map then hit the space bar twice to bring up the load and save dialogue

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Hey there FaultedBirch573, short answer yes and I’m going to show you how to go about this first off while in the world map once you have your flight plan setup and wish to save it.

simply click the more option at the bottom of your screen

Next a Save/load option will load click it

And this little menu should show up.

Additionally if you intended on using simbrief to load a flight plan from within the game for the CRJ mod.

See this video.

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I was flying the WT CJ4 and pressed ESC.
Pressed LOAD/SAVE.

It would not load a .pln file.

Had to go back to the World Map to load it.

I dont know about 3rd party planes like the CRJ but I do fly the stock CJ4 a lot & one glaring issue I come across is that a save flight has these negative traits:

  1. It does not preserve the flight plan. You wont see the plan on the displays.
  2. Autopilot is off, you have to quickly turn it on.
  3. Weather and clouds are locked, you cannot change them.

Others have explained how to save and load the plan from the world map. Have you tried the excellent free LittleNavMap? It is much more flexible and easier to use than the in-game system. You make the plan, export it in MSFS format and then just load it in the game using the same method @BriL0ve has shown.

Ignore everything I said! I am talking about saved flights (.FLT) , I just realized you were talking about plans (.PLN)! What I said applies to loading a saved flight.

Sure. I have hundreds of plans saved. The AIRAC changes, so most are obsolete, but it’s surely possible.

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