Is this a bug or parental controls in action?

Seems like after about an hour of flying weird ■■■■ begins to start happening since the latest patch dropped. Case in point IFR flight from Carlisle to Aberdeen Dyce in the C172 (G1000). Using real weather with pretty claggy conditions I spent most of the flight trying to get a lower cruise altitude than the 12,000ft Centre seemed to think was a good idea as my plane was steadily becoming a block of ice in the thick clouds. In the end had to just descend anyway otherwise I was going to become just another crash statistic. Eventually got handed off to Approach who asked me to descend to 3,000ft, followed almost immediately by 2,500ft. I realised the G1000 had stopped responding and there was an oblique white line across the artificial horizon. I tried rebooting the G1000 but the left hand panel wouldn’t even turn off (the right one did). I tried turning off AP and flying by hand but the plane’s display had totally frozen. In the end there was nothing for it but to bale as I was still in cloud and I had no visual references, Really frustrating after an hour of flying or was it god’s way of telling me I had been simming long enough today?