Is this enough to have a good MSFS experience?

So I am new…and really got the FS as I just purchased a windows laptop, HP Spectre.
16gb internal
i7 gen 10
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti…i believe this one is 4GB
4k screen

Is this enough for smoothness? Probably not for ULTRA, right?


At 1080p it might be OK. GPU is kind of a liability.

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It should be able to run the game no problem. Definitely at 1080p though, and you’re probably gonna use the “medium” preset. I doubt you’ll get a great experience on high (and definitely not ultra) with that 1650ti

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wait and get the 3070 or a used 2080ti/2080/2070
they are dirt cheap right now, check ebay and facebook market place

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Dont even attempt 4k in (well any game) but MSFS with that gfx card, it will go into cardiac arrest. You’ll be looking at probably medium or all high maxxxx on that card in 1080p. Grab a 3070 or the 3080 in a few months if you can lash the extra $200, i think this game is going to be amazing on those new cards.

I think he’ll struggle to get any of them into a laptop. :grin:


so what is the setting for 1080p? where do I do that?

…and yes laptop is set. I will try this way first and then later if I love it buy a desktop

For laptop, especially the slim ones, thermal is the biggest problem. You may get smooth FPS in the first few mins but as soon as the temperature kicks in, your components are going to be throttled aggressively

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I’m using this laptop with MSFS :

ASUS TUF FX705GM, 1 year old
i7-8750H - GTX1060/6G - 16G - SSD + SSHD
I have a fast Wifi internet (500 Mb/s)

I get 37 FPS in High and 27 FPS in Ultra

I keep it at 30 FPS in High, using Nvidia whisper mode, so that GPU is about 90%. CPU stays around 50%

I can fly for hours, no performance drops
Almost no stuttering with latest patch

Hope it helps


1920x1080 generally.

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how do you see the FPS? and GPU data?

FPS displayed by Nvidia (GFE Experience), green display set in a corner of screen (can be switched on/off with ALT-F12)

GPU and CPU using Windows task manager, performance tab.
There you can follow loads, memory usage, …

I prefer to keep an average bit of GPU unused to compensate for transient fluctuations

If you try running this on 4k no chance.
Thing is if you use a 1080p on your 4k monitor, the game will look worse than using 1080p on a 1080p monitor.

Yep, it is a 1080p display laptop

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Laptops when gaming hard traditionally have throttling problems due to thermal management. Even if you get it set up nice for 1080, expect some decrease in performance at moments.

That being said I don’t want to discourage you from playing MS. I think it would be awesome at any setting.

you’ll be fine at 1080p, med-high to high settings.

i use one of them cooling pads under my laptop, to prevent thermal throttling. without it, the gpu gets toasty.

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Yeah, I think soo! A bit laggy here and there, but very pleasant experience overall at medium to high settings with 40+ fps. :smile:

Edit: Missed the laptop part… Might run into throttling issues.

Within MSFS: Options → General → Developers → enable Developer mode → new menu bar appears → Options → Display FPS

I’d use some of Pieloth’s suggestions.

Run MSFS on Ultra, High, Medium, let us know how your laptop does. I’m curious to know what your fps will be. :+1:t2:

My post was in reply to the OP.

Get one of those fan trays to sit it on.And that should help agree .Wife has one and plays all day without drama from the laptop.
That should stop it setting off your fire alarm.
Should run high with a few tweaks.
Looks good on medium
Gorgeous on high.