Is this what the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (KFLG) should look like?

Something seems a bit…off. Dirt runway, no buildings.

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Can’t repro.

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I’m not seeing anything abnormal there either.

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Thanks. I’ll have to look at whether another scenery mod is causing it.
Thank goodness for Addons_Linker!

That’s Roden Crater, about 25nm NE of Flagstaff. What is indicating that you’re at the airport?


As CharlieFox00 mentioned, you’re a ways away from Flagstaff Pulliam. The airport at the crater is a dirt strip called Cahoots Airport.


A label that said, ‘Flagstaff.’
Next time I’ll fly with LNM open. :sweat_smile:

So it’s fair to say he’s in cahoots!?!

(I hate me.)


Oh, is it one of those situations where the sim doesn’t recognize the airport name, so it assigns an ICAO-ish identifier and the name of the newest city?

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I saw the Cahoots label as well. But ‘Flagstaff’ sounded like an airport, not a POI.

I wonder if there’s way to have the sim display ICAO codes along with the airport name? There is a Wishlist item for this from April, '21.

Normally it wouldn’t have been an issue, since I fly with LNM open most times.
This time I was just doing a short flight from Sedona to nowhere to check out the SPAD profile I’d finally finished for the PC-6 Porter, and get a better handle on engine procedures. I was running low on fuel and decided to land. Flagstaff seemed like a good choice. :smile:

I blew the engine up the first two flights. :rofl:

I set a flight plan plan from KSEZ to KFLG.
Flagstaff looked WAY different. :crazy_face:

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