Is TrackIR worth it?

The fact that you never used your hat clip makes your advice somewhat dubious, wouldn’t you say?
I have never used anything else, and it works 100% reliably.
Clipping a wired device to my headset would more or less defeat the purpose of choosing a wireless set.

Fair enough.

Reading my post again, I should have expressed myself more politely.
I apologize. :worried:

All good! :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Without it I feel paralysed. It’s a definite must have for me.

I started to use TrackIR few months ago. It’s 100 % worth it.
I used to normally switch between 10 custom cameras to see around me. This is no longer needed. My head is moving naturally and my hands are free to focus on other more important things inside the cockpit.
In addition, I can lean forward, backward… even look out of the window in a similar way to VR.
The bush trip flying is much more enjoyable using TrackIR compared to custom cameras/POVs especially when flying between mountains following roads, or rivers.

In setting up TrackIR The core points are: 1) Good curve 2) One SmartCam button 3) Center TrackIR button

I created a detailed guide on how to configure the TrackIR to emulate VR experience. you can click on following link to access it


It does, yes, but I have used both, and no way, no how is the hat clip as good as the Pro. It just ain’t.

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it depends on what users need.

The hat clip is passive and the IR light is emited from camera → users with glasses or bright rooms get sometime trouble ( also adjusting settings will not help ).
The Pro-Clip instead emits IR Light and so the “points” can better determined from camera and issues with reflecting glasses not exist.

About the topic itself… I would recommend TrackIr ( or also alternatives like opentrack, if it works in meanwhile with Msfs ). But the beneffit depends on which kind of airplanes users flight. At least for small or fast airplanes I would recommend it in each case. Of course also for Helicopters. ( DCS is not realy fun without TrackIr :wink: ). For the big airplanes I’am not sure… If users look 12hours at the flight-computer, they dont need TrackIr :slight_smile:

can someone using TrackIR report on that “mouse movement smoothing” that came with the august update? Is it affected?
Im using OpenTrack with my iPhone (SmoothTrack) which seem to work suprisingly similar to TrackIR and quite good, but same as the mouse movement itself suffers from smoothing out minute head movement, which results in movement stutters.

can we see it in your video ? … ( I can’t search in a one hour video these second with the issue you possible mean )

I never noticed a conflict with mouse-movement and TrackIr… I use the TrackIr Software for the “curves” of TrackIr.

therefore the videos in the first link are only a few seconds and the second is marked where it is visible. (17:06)

it is there most obviously, just move the mouse very slowly left to right (in cockpit) and you’ll notice that the movement is NOT translated to ingame movement.

ah… I not noticed that “split” of video.

I remember these two videos from August, but haven’t seen an issue :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

I will try that ( but tomorrow, its bit late here )… but I not realy noticed till now an issue… may be it’s how I use mouse in flight :slight_smile:

@MichaMMA @Ju1ius2416
Not sure what you are using but I can move the view with imperceptible input. I would look into your settings.

this is not about settings otherwise it would be changable.

still my question is, does anyone actually using TrackIR experience this issue?

The video I posted is using mouselook AND TrackIR5.
It may not be a setting with the sim. It may be a mouse setting.

I cannot duplicate what you are demonstrating.

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Maybe start here…

as many stated in the forum thread i posted above, this is not an issue that can be adressed by any settings (especially not the one you just mentioned. Try turning down momentum, since it tends to mask the issue by making the mouse movment sluggish instead of stuttery).
The issue is that mouse movment, no matter the setting doesn’t translate 1:1 to inagame movment, like you would expect.

And yet mine does. There has to be something set differently between our two systems. It could be a mouse resolution setting. Honestly I have no idea, I cannot reproduce it on my sim so pretty tough to troubleshoot.
I don’t even have precision turned on. Just tried it and did not notice any difference.

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One word - Yes

could you elaborate?