ISLC- Can it be useful to us?

Dear from the hand of the creator of DDU, I think we all know it, comes this program that at least I consider interesting, especially for those who use 16Gb. of Ram. The program has been created to reduce Input-lag and Shuttering in games mainly. Possibly the part that may interest us the most is the second in which many people suffer and complain, saying that I have it installed today but I have not been able to test it. I have 32Gb with which the impact in my case is nonexistent, but as I said for those who have 16Gb it can still be ideal.
The part that interests us, would be the RAM that Windows 10 manages, it can be clearly seen in Task Manager in the RAM resources monitor. There we can see that initially we will see the memory in use of all the programs, processes etc that are running, later we will see if there is any modified and the one that interests us is the memory on hold and finally the free memory. Windows manages and allocates a waiting memory that in principle is futile and takes away free memory. This application that is portable, what it does is to eliminate the one that is created in waiting, to make it free.
As I said, I have not tested it, which I will do these days, but I would like you to encourage yourself to try it and also tell your experience.
How to configure it, there are many videos on YouTube, since it is an application widely used by Gamers and in this way you know it more thoroughly. I pass you the download page.
I hope it is useful to you.

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Well today I have dedicated myself to testing this program, there have been 3 flights of approximately 2 hours each, where this program and the memory resource monitor of the task manager had been open. Well, but before getting into the matter, let’s see why the creation of this program. I have to say that on the issue of memory on hold, I had no idea, but it does seem that for high-level gamers, if due to shuttering and input-lag, where fluency and speed is everything, That is why from the hand of the creator of DDU, I create this program I think I remember that in 2018, once this is clarified, let’s continue, it is the first time that I monitor what the RAM memory does both on the ground and in the air, I took a great surprise to see that entering pe EGLL had already consumed about 23 GB of RAM used by FS2020, plus a standby memory of 6.5GB with which I had a free memory of approximately 2.5 GB, the truth is that I am quite surprised, I do not know what It would happen if all the free was put on hold, but it is clear that for gamers, if it is important that it does not happen, in fact in Microsoft technical support, I discovered queries on this subject. Conclusions: It is a program that does not create any type of conflict with the simulator and I believe that it brings benefits, especially in computers that are running with 16 Gb, that there may be conflicts with free memory, although seen what is seen it is also advisable to users 32GB. In the past, when I only had 16 GB installed, more than once I had problems with a lack of memory. a greeting




Huh? I just can’t follow what you are talking about.

Sorry to hear this, it’s probably because I have to use google translator. I’m sorry.
This goes about how windows manages the available memory of your Ram, if you open the task manager, performance section, press memory and open the tab below that puts resource monitor and pricks again on memory you will see how your RAM is made up:

  1. Memory used by your hardware
  2. Memory in Use
  3. Modified Memory
  4. Standby memory
  5. Free Memory
    What the post talks about is referring to points, 2, 4 and 5
    In point 4, windows of both the hidden processes, as well as those that are running, such as Addons, the game itself increases each time as you play it increases, subtracting it from the free memory and as I commented in the post in My case when arriving at the start of the flight when you got the “Fly” tab, that is, when the airport that you have destined has loaded, my memory was the following:
    Memory in use: 23 Gb
    Standby memory: 6.5 Gb.
    Free Memory: 2.5 Gb
    When the game demands more memory, logicmante first uses the free one and then goes to look for the one that is waiting and in that interval stuttering will occur.
    I hope you have understood.
    What this application does is drain that waiting memory to free memory. There are videos on youtube where this whole process is explained.

Get More FPS and Smoother Gameplay with ISLC - YouTube

Well done anyway for taking the time to post in English even though it is the forum rules :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Seems an interesting program and I kind of understand how it works thanks to your explanation and looking at the comments in the link you provided.

I will have a look at memory usage using Task Manager when I next launch FS2020. However, I’m guessing that as a general rule if you have a fresh boot of the PC each time you launch FS2020 and have few background programs/processes that this utility will mainly be beneficial for systems with 32 gb of RAM or less? Obviously, it is dependent on the free memory available as shown by Task Manager. I have 48 gb RAM so presumably it would likely to be of limited use in my system to stop any stutters due to Win 10 memory clearance issues since in your scenario above my free memory available would be 18.5 gb(2.5+16)?


I have installed 32 GB of Ram that should be more than enough for FS2020, I run the game at 4K and practically in ULTRA and in airports like Degaulle, Paris, the load of it goes 23 GB, logically one would do the following calculation 32 -23, I have 9Gb free, but that is not totally true, since Windows is creating a waiting memory that subtracts the free memory, I use Addons like Pacx, Fligh Crew, and a tracker of a Virtual Air Company and that memory in Wait grows, it does not remain static, it does not mean that when FS2020 demands more memory use it does not use the waiting memory, but this means that stuttering may occur in the process of use.
Check in an airport, like Ohare, Charles de Gaulle, how your memory is composed in Platform within the stage, it still surprises you.

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A computer uses RAM, that’s what it does to make things faster. By forcing things out of RAM, your performance will suffer in other areas and may decrease overall system stability. The operating system shouldn’t push things out of RAM until it’s nearly 100% full, by design. An efficiently running operating system will be running at 90% full as often used files are cached, etc. I often work with servers with up-times of months. The RAM is usually quite full, it’s nothing to be concerned with.

This software sounds like it just wastes cycles doing something the operating system does better. IMHO, CPU cycles are worth more than RAM.

Dear, I think that at the beginning of the post, I made it clear and that is that I am a neophyte about RAM.
If you have any questions about this program and since you can see that you understand the subject, perhaps the most appropriate thing is for you to comment on it personally in a post. I’ll pass the page to you, in case you dare.

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