Issue with Carenado and Aerosoft

Have bought both the Carenado and JF PA28.

I can fly the JF PA28 all day long. It loads into the FS2020 Community Folder.

But the Carenado PA28 does not. Purchased from the Market Place you have no control on where it gets installed. Same thing with the CRJ purchased from Aerosoft.
All asobo aircraft fly correctly.

So when I attempt to fly either the Carenodo PA28 or Aerosoft’s CRJ I get instant CTD’s. Can anyone solve this frustrating enigma ?

FS2020 running on Steam.

Thanks in advance

Probably a steam issue. I have all these planes and no CTD problems.

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I have steam and the PA28 and no problem

All the Carenado aircraft were causing CTD for me. Someone discovered that there’s something going on with the AI traffic. Disabled AI traffic and no more CTD. Give it a shot if you haven’t already.


Sir, you have cracked the enigma :grinning: :+1:
Turning off AI traffic has allowed me to fly both of these aircraft !!
Sad about no AI traffic, but I guess I can live with that for now.
Much appreciated. It is great to have QandA forums like this.


Haha nice! I agree and I’m glad I could help. I hope they fix it soon!

Just heard from Carenado…they put the blame at Asobo’s/MS feet since latest update. Said have to wait for Asobo/MS to fix this problem…apparently they have been told by Asobo that the fix will be included in next update…


Just turning the AI down to 10% fixed CTDs for me.
And you still have enough AI aircraft to annoy you when trying to get a word in edgeways when trying to get clearance to land from the ATC.

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Thanks Johng. I will give that a try.

Adobo & Aerosoft have been working on the CRJ CTDs, a bunch of us sent in crash dump files.

It is definitely AI related. The workaround for the CRJ is to set ‘Traffic Variety’ to Ultra, this will allow you to run your normal AI settings. Tested & it’s solved my CTDs!


Yes. Just tried it. Thanks for the tip :grinning: :+1: