Issue with "live" weather / traffic

I’ll ask again, why are you expecting live weather to generate waves?

I mean, sure, that could be a cool feature, but, I don’t think it was ever a feature in MSFS, much less claimed to be a feature?

ActiveSky will never happen. Asobo has repeatedly said they own weather generation and will not bring any other parties to the party.

Why? My guess is because this is a technology that’s critical to Microsoft for other reasons and products, and they will not share the IP or code necessary to access the features. One of MSFS’s raison d’etre’s is that it’s a technology demonstrator for Microsoft on multiple fronts.

Fair enough. Nothing wrong with hoping for a policy change down the road though.

Hoping is fine, sure, as long as you realize it will never change… That one Jorg has been super adamant about.

What are you trying to achive posing as an Apologist for this company?
I honestly cannot understand why some of you have this attitude.

So, Tom, lets get to the bottom of this.

You say that there shouldn’t be “improved” features in this software product.

In case you haven’t noticed - this is a rare and exciting opportunity to get the most comprehensive and enjoyable flight simulator onto home pc in the last 20 years. This is because in company statements Microsoft believes in a subscription based gaming future which means GAAS (games as a service) This strategy is years old and has allowed the likes of Asobo to be bank rolled by one of the worlds few companies to have a market cap of more than $1 Trillion. So we have an unimaginably wealthy company with an egenda to create a large catalouge of GAAS games for their subscription model. Next enters ASOBA, who come from a good pedigree of game making albeit with no simulators and a long list of “kids games” ( Asobo Studio - Wikipedia ). Now we start hearing rumors of a new flight simulator from Microsoft. The first trailer comes out and is mind blowing. then the trailers for Aerodynamics / Weather etc etc come out in so called “feature discovery series” ( all features of which would be thoroughly debunked as fake and unfinished by any serious investigation post launch - ESPECIALLY the aerodynamics and autopilot systems.) I sign up excitedly for the tech-alpha … I start to hear rumors that the Flight model in fact the entire thing is based on the OLD FSX code … that is a massive red flag… ( and would prove itself as the poorest decision but one that a company without any other experience would have logically but erroneously chosen . . . many of us hoped for the best.

So. fast forward to today. Its 3 months shy of 3 years since those first trailers came out and 715 days since launch and …

the live weather is still broken. the live traffic is a joke and never worked. the aerodynamics is a total mystery as Asobo refuse to talk about what they have actually done with it. (yes I listen to all the podcasts from Asobo on YT) ( yes I am aware of the paltry effort to implement the supposed CFD on two aircraft) (Yes i have seen the aerodynamics threads)(Yes I have seen numerous YT videos proving the Aerodynamics is rubbish)( Yes all I want to see is some hard-talk discussion about the aerodynamics INCLUDING weather aka . Updrafts / Wind / Turbulence etc. )

So, what else would a normal non-apologist want from a company that has promised a flight simulator product to one of the richest companies on earth of which is still incomplete.

First of all We want to see this “live service” software product finished. Its painfully obvious that the bean counters forced it out the door way before it was ready for public consumption and two years later its still not finished.
We are still waiting now at 2 years after release for 3 year old pre-release marketing hype videos to be properly implemented. (Aka live weather / traffic / ) Feature Discovery Series Episode 2: Weather
186,780 views october is just around the corner 3 months shy of 3 years . . .
Oct 29, 2019 …

Usually when you sell a software product and Market it to have “features” its generally a good idea to have those features actually working and implemented at launch. Not go into marketing overdrive over features that will later be debunked as fake / broken / never implemented properly / and still not finished 2 years after launch.

Now riddle me this Tom … why exactly don’t you want this product to be finished? Your comments on my comments can only be described as attempting to direct attention away from the real problems with the sim.

I cannot stand apologists as they waste time / destroy good intent and muddle good quality conversation. If you comment on my comments again do it in a Qualitative manner and don’t be an apologist for this company and its product.

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Sorry, I have no clue what you’re trying to say here or what interpretation you made from what I said.

  1. Their development plans are extremely well documented and they are improving the product across the board with plans going out several years.

  2. Jorg has said repeatedly they will not entertain the idea of 3rd Party access to the weather engine. Period. As I noted, I imagine it’s due to IP and contract issues, not to mention the complexity of what it would cost the development team to have to write and support such a thing.

If you’re going to bring up the flight model, it’s documented in the SDK. Yes, there are pieces of aircraft interaction with the environment still from FSX in the product (i.e. tire friction, wind interaction with the side of the aircraft), but they are rewriting all of that as we speak, some of that work already done. But, the base flight model concept, from day one, was totally separate from FSX. By contract, it did need the ability to devolve to “FSX”, IOW, an FSX aircraft had to be able to run in it. But, the base flight model was completely different at day one, and even more improved now and improving further with each Sim Update. As far as the ability to “devolve to FSX”, I imagine that requirement was dropped a long time ago, but I don’t know, and I don’t particularly care.

I don’t know where you came up with the thought that I think development of the product is done and doesn’t need to progress. I’m in product development myself, I know how long it takes to develop things like this, and that the path to release of updates and changes is always quite different from the plan at the start, and it takes time, and usually, resources to get it done are much less than what the schedule requires…

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