Issues setting up Thrustmaster TCA Throttle Quadrant

Hi all,

I got my Thrustmaster TCA Officers Pack yesterday and its awesome. It looks like its not available pretty much anywhere which explains why I can’t find info on the issues that I am having.

Windows recognises the device just fine so I know its not a hardware issue.

The issue that I am having is this. The throttle quadrant when its resting in the IDLE position is actually around 20% into the axis. So MSFS just assumes that the throttle is 20% along its travel. What I want to do is calibrate is so that the throttle axis starts when the quadrant sits at IDLE.

When I select reverse it engages two buttons (12 and 16 see pictures below). So I am thinking that I can use that to select reverse thrust? Can MSFS be set so that reversers are only active when a “button” is held down?

The other issue that I am having is that the engine masters and ignition switch does nothing and no matter what I try binding it to it doesn’t change.

Idle Thrust

CLB Detent

FLX Detent


Reversers Selected







I got mine yesterday and there is no one else in South Korea I guess since I received it from Official partner of Thurstmaster for a review purpose. However, no matter what I do, MSFS2020 does not recognize it so I had to bind every single command. Did you have the same problem? It is very frustrating and a lot of people pre-ordering this product as we speak.

Got mine yesterday as well and having the same, but I can also not get the Engine Fuel switches to work. Tried all the bindings, I am sure I am not selecting the correct binding, any advice will be appreciated. Got the Mode Norm Switch to work to select IGN/Start, but I cannot get it back to Mode Norm after engine starting, have to select that in the sim with the mouse. Can get to Crank also but once again need the mouse to get it back to Mode Norm. I suspect the problem is the fact that that selector is only two buttons (7 and 8) and you need a third button to move to Engine Norm Mode. Guess I can assign another button.

If you guys have been able to get those switches to work correctly I would appreciate your inputs, specially the Engine Fuel Switches.

Regarding the throttle the same as you, sits at 20% input when you assign the reverse thrust.

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Does the throttle axis value drop towards zero when you pull it back with the reverse switches activated?

If it does, then I’d guess that MSFS will need to somehow invert the throttle input, when below 20%, so the idle position would result in the minimum reverse thrust and pulled all the way back would result in maximum reverse thrust.

Alternatively, is there nothing in the software included with the stick that might help?

Yes, when activating reverse, it works like it should but the throttle goes to 20% and not 0% after reverse is done.

That sounds a bit like the warthog HOTAS throttle, which doesn’t appear to have any axis behind the idle position and just activates two switches (29 and 30 IIRC) when you pull the levers back all the way.

I’m sure I’ve read where someone had used some method, possibly TARGET, to make use of at least some of the WH throttle axis behind the idle detent, so a software solution must be possible, but it will probably require Asobo to make some changes to their controller software.

Also, and i know it might only have a tentative connection, a recent update to the FF A320, on XP11, was made available and part of that update was to accommodate the new TM throttle. That would probably also suggest that it will be down to the aircraft developers to amend their code.

I am trying now to see what I can do with TARGET, but besides the reverse problem, the ignition and starter switches are also a problem. Tried all bindings with no joy.

Have you tried to bind it to the reverser key? I think it’s F2.

Yes, I have. When doing that it does work. But the throttles in the aircraft go to 20% eventhough it is at 0% on the Thrustmaster device. The only way I can get it to work is not assign reverse at all and also physically inhibit (small switch on the quadrant) the reverse levers. When doing that the range is correct from 0 to 100%. This throttle has all the same idents for idle, climb, flex and toga.

I don’t suppose there is another axis, just for reverse thrust?

Maybe check on the windows usb game controller screen to see if moving the levers back behind idle causes another axis to move.

You may be up to something here, there is not another axis for reverse but on the game controller screen it shows the throttle at about 20% level when it is physically at 0. It only moves to 0 when you apply the reverse. So, it appears there is no negative levels.

Does it move gradually, as you slide the levers back, or does it suddenly drop to 0% from 20%?

When you say apply the reverse, are you talking about just lifting up the finger lifts and/or pulling the levers back to below the idle detent?

I’m interested, as i was looking at getting one of these stick and throttle combos.

The movement is gradually. As you know MSFS does not have at the moment an axis that the Reverse can be assigned to. So you either use the button to activate reverse and use the levers or you use the throttle decrease binding to activate reverse. So when either one of these are used and you lift the finger lifts on the Thrustmaster it goes past the 0% ident into the negative. This all work except that normal idle shift to 20% thrust when any reverse binding is active. If this are going to be sorted out sometime, and taking into account the price of both of the Airbus Thrustmaster pruducts, you cannot go wrong. (Price vs what you get)
I replaced my Saitek products and can not be happier.

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I have received mine two days ago and have the same issues. When the physical throttle in idle position, the airplane is at 20%
I have somewhat of a workaround. Not a perfect one, but it gets the job done. At least temporarily until there is a fix for it.
This is how I mapped the throttles:

With this, however, you still have the 20% thrust issue when the throttle is in idle position. I solved this with the sensitivity:

This way, Idle and CLB detent are good. TOGA is also OK. Just the FLX/MCT detent does not match. It is slightly above the CLB detent on the physical throttle. So this is the only one to take care of during Take-Off. But then CLB detent agrees with the detent on the physical throttle.
Just the ENG 1 and 2 switches still don’t work. No idea how to map them.

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Thanks will give your method a try.

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Excellent !
Again, it’s not perfect, but it gets the job done and resembles the working of the Airbus throttles. I hope they’ll fix this soon though.

I have the Same Problems. The Masterengineswitch 1 and 2 dont work to the Vanilla and the Mod A320. The Throttlelever is in his 0 Position at 20% Thrust. But this is the Problem of Thrustmaster all so. The Sell a Item how not has got any Chance to Work with FS 2020 ore any other Sim. The Thrustreversers are Stupid Usless. Better build 2 Axis and make the Reversthrust as a Switch and not do it in the Axels of the Throttellever.

Atleast when I tried, TARGET did nit find or notice (or does not even support yet) the tca quadrant.

yeah same here, TARGET does not see the quadrant.

I don’t actually know if it is Thrustmaster or Asobo who have to work on this issue. I know that Toliss, on the other sim, implemented support for the quadrant himself into the A319. So is it Thrustmaster or Asobo ? no idea to be honest